Nikhef researcher Clara Nellist on her science communication TikTok in ‘Physics Today’

7 January 2022

In an article in Physics Today, scientists including Clara Nellist of the ATLAS group at Nikhef talk about their TikTok account and how they gained a large number of followers within a short amount of time with videos about their research:

Clara Nellist, a particle physicist at Radboud University in the Netherlands and at CERN, launched a TikTok account in January because she didn’t see many particle physicists or anyone from CERN on the platform. Nellist’s account gained popularity after she made a casual video introducing herself. “I think I got 50 000 followers in about three days,” she says. “Part of the reason that video took off,” she came to realize, “is because [TikTok users] like authenticity.” Today she has about 130 000 followers. “What I’ve learned is that the platform likes just peeking into people’s worlds and finding out things in a short way,” she says. Her goal is to help her followers “know a little bit more than they did before.”

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Bron: Physics Today