Interview with Nikhef researcher Marcel Vreeswijk about 20 years FNWI: Physics and Astronomy

13 October 2020

‘Strange, this is where the practical rooms were’. Physicist Marcel Vreeswijk stands in an empty theatre hall at CREA, in the diamond-cutting factory where the Physics department was located until 2003. ‘Funny to be back and looking around, look , here sat the ‘Rode Hen’. We peep around the corner of the former canteen. Actually only the old stairs are still recognisable. Memories of the old days, of – putting a quarter on a saucer for a cup of coffee – come to mind. Perhaps the most impressive change is the enormous staircase at the entrance, where the courtyard used to be. Vreeswijk doesn’t see many traces of the old Physics department anymore.

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Source: FNWI

Photography: Liesbeth Dingemans


marcel vreeswijk fnwi 20 jaar