Coverage of particle physics in november issue of Dutch Journal of Physics NTvN

16 November 2022

The November issue of the Dutch Journal of Physics NTvN features two articles on particle physics, written by researchers at Nikhef.

The occasion is the restart of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, which has been under maintenance for three years. Authors Ivo van Vulpen, Marco van Leeuwen, Patrick Koppenburg and Melissa van Beekveld look back at what the accelerator has brought so far, and explore what’s to come in Run 3. In a second article, Tristan Du Pree discusses the possible successor to the LHC and its wishes and requirements.

The NTvN is the monthly magazine of the Dutch Society for Physics NNV. The magazine is not is free sale. NNV made the two articles available for Nikhef’s website.

Run-3 LHC

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