Public event – The particle party: 10 years Higgs

2022-07-03 15:00 | 2022-07-03 17:00

Ten years ago, particle lab CERN finally found the Higgs particle (also known as the “God particle”) – the most important particle in the universe. This elementary building block helps explain why other particles gain mass. After all, without mass, everything would shoot criss-cross through each other. On earth, but also in space.

The Higgs particle is also called the key to the universe, but what do we find when the locks open? What does it tell us about our universe and how does Higgs influence physics research now and in the future?

On this Sunday afternoon 3 July, we will join research institute Nikhef in exploring the wonders of the Higgs particle and our universe. The prediction of the Higgs particle dates back to 1964. That’s when it was discovered that one particle was missing from the Standard Model of Elementary Particles – namely mass.

Physicists are celebrating the discovery of the particle this year at De Balie. It shines new light on the Standard Model of Elementary Particles and at the same time raises questions. What can we do with the particle?

All the more reason for a Higgs party. Higgs hunters from the past and present take the audience through particle research, the theory behind the unique particle and the challenges of the field. Featuring researchers Ivo van Vulpen, Melissa van Beekveld, Stan Bentvelsen and Patrick Decowski. Music by Bonnie Kemplay, the granddaughter of Nobel laureate and theorist Peter Higgs.

Programme coordinator: Jelle Baars
Moderator: Martijn van Calmthout

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