Nikhef-viewing of Neutrino, a film about “the poet particle”

2024-05-16 16:30 | 2024-05-16 18:00

Filmmakers Jan van den Berg and Hannie van den Bergh created a poetic portrait of the universe’s most elusive particle, the neutrino. For “Neutrino,” they traveled to the Japanese mountain village near the Kamiokande neutrino detector deep beneath the mountains. There a natural connection develops between the deepest physics and the nature experience of the Japanese inhabitants, between mountain gods and chestnuts to gather. A regular visitor there is Nikhef researcher Patrick Decowski, who has been involved in Japanese neutrino work for years.

Film screening (trailer) for Nikhef staff with discussion with the makers and Nikhef physicist Patrick Decowski after. Thursday, May 16, from 16:30 in the colloquium room in the Vertex of Nikhef Amsterdam. Drinks afterwards.