Master theses 2019

Name Title Supervisors University
Paul Renes The description of high-energy electromagnetic cascades in a highly granular digital calorimeter Thomas Peitzmann, Marco Spruit, Naomi van der Kolk UU
Stan Oomen Measurement of charged D∗+ meson production in Pb-Pb collisions in 60-80% centrality with the ALICE detector at CERN Alessandro Grelli, Raimond Snellings, Andre Mischke UU
Thomas Mons The modulation experiment: searching for trends in radioactive decays Auke Pieter Colijn UU
Davey Oogjes Track reconstruction of cosmic muons in the XENON1T muon veto Patrick Decowski UvA/VU
Max Briel Muonic event reconstuction in KM3NeT-ORCA Ronald Bruijn UvA/VU
Gabriel Koole Probing New Physics effects in Leptonic and Semileptonic D meson decays Robert Fleischer UvA/VU
Peter Bosch Going Three Dimensional. Characterisation of a 3D sensor on a Timepix3 ASIC Niels van Bakel UvA/VU
Thijs Dieperink Supersymmetric neutralino Dark Matter search using machine learning techniques with the ATLAS detector Paul de Jong UvA/VU
Iris de Ruiter Incorporating machine learning algorithms that provide information on noise features in the search for compact binary coalescence Sarah Caudill UvA/VU
Marnix Heikamp Constructing and Implementing a Template Bank with Precessing Waveforms in the Search For Gravitational Waves Sarah Caudill UvA/VU
Valeriia Lukashenko Long lived heavy neutrinos in W± → μ± μ± jet decays Wouter Hulsbergen UvA/VU
Alvaro Loya Villalpando Characterization of Silicon Photomultipliers for Event Position Reconstruction in a Dual-Phase Xenon Time Projection Chamber Auke-Pieter Colijn UvA/VU
Bouke Jung The effect of decreasing PMT gains on event reconstruction in KamLAND-Zen Patrick Decowski UvA/VU
Brendan Mans Directed Flow of Λ in Mid-Central Pb-Pb Collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV with ALICE Panos Christakoglou UvA/VU
Lizette Lammers Neutral Meson and Jet Reconstruction in Heavy Ion Physics Thomas Peitzmann UvA/VU
Maarten Post “KM3NNeT” A neural network for triggering and classifying raw KM3NeT data Ronald Bruijn UvA/VU
Manuel Wierda Charm production in proton-nuclear collisions at the LHC and constraining the small-x gluon in a nuclear NNPDF analysis Juan Rojo UvA/VU
Joep Leenaarts Calculating splitting functions, using local gauges Ronald Kleiss RU Nijmegen
Lando Bosma Towards resolving singularities in Asymptotic Safety Benjamin Knorr, Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
Derryk Schieck N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory and its deformations a functional renormalisation approach Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
Berend Visser Observers in Curved-Spacetime Quantum Field Theory Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
Arthur Vereijken Relating different regularization schemes in Functional Renormalization Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen