Interested in CERN technologies & entrepreneurship? 2-day Explore CERN program by ACE.

2021-09-13 09:00 | 2021-09-14 17:00


Interested in CERN technologies & entrepreneurship? Willing to compete for a slot at the CERN screening week? Join the 2-day Explore CERN program where you will be delved into the world of CERN by running mini design sprint sessions to create business cases around CERN technologies. The program is open to individuals and teams (up to 4 members) based in the Netherlands and interested in solving their own challenge using CERN technologies or using their creativity to develop new applications based on existing CERN technologies.Want to learn more? Join the informative session and ask your questions to an expert in the field (more info).

This program is initiated by CERN, Nikhef, Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) and executed by ACE Incubator (ACE).

Explore program