* Base programmes


Programme Leader

Eric Laenen (until August), Robert Fleischer (since September)

Analysis highlights

  • Boer, T. van Daal, P. Mulders, E. Petreska, direct flow from C-odd gluon correlations at small x
  • Bertone, R. Gauld, J. Rojo, Neutrino telescopes as QCD microscopes
  • Herzog: Geometric IR subtraction for final state radiation
  • A.V. Manohar, W. Waalewijn,  Electroweak logarithms in inclusive cross sections
  • R.V. Harlander, J. Klappert, C. Pandini, A. Papaefstathiou, Exploiting the WH/ZH symmetry in the search for new physics
  • Banelli, R. Fleischer, R. Jaarsma, G. Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi,  Decoding (pseudo)-scalar operators in leptonic and semileptonic B decays
  • Mulders, Emergent symmetries of the Standard Model
  • de Vries, M. Postma, J. van de Vis and G. White, electroweak baryogenesis and the standard model effective field theory

Computer codes

  • FORM 4.2 (J. Vermaseren, F. Herzog, T. Ueda, et al.)
  • Herwig 7.1 (A. Papaefstathiou et al.)
  • MadGraph5_aMC@NLO (M. Zaro et al.)

Interaction with experimental groups:

  • Informal workshop series “Theory Meets Experiment” (R. Fleischer, O. Igonkina, M. Merk)
  • Joint publication with ATLAS members:  M. de Beurs, E. Laenen, M. Vreeswijk, E. Vryonidou, Effective operators in t-channel single top production and decay


Rohini Godbole (Bangalore), Chris Quigg (FNAL), Asmita Mukherjee (Mumbai), Carlos Salgado (Santiago de Compostela), et al.

(Co)-organisation of Workshops and Conferences:

  • SCET 2018 and COST Workshop on pQCD (W. Waalewijn, E. Laenen, L. Vernazza)
  • NNPDF Collaboration Meeting (J. Rojo)
  • Tau 2018 (O. Igonkina (chair), R. Fleischer)


  • Christine Mohrmann Stipendium: Melissa van Beekveld
  • Jan Kluyver Prize: Jacopo Fumagalli
  • Sander Bais Prize: Philine van Vliet

Physics Data Processing

Programme Leader

Jeff Templon

Main points: scientific

  • First VIRGO analysis making significant use of Grid computing
  • Collaboration with University of Amsterdam on GPU-based tracking algorithms
  • Keynote Talk CHEP 2018: “HEP strategy for parallelism”  (G. Raven)

Main points: technical

  • Significant upgrade of institute computing cluster (“Stoomboot”), grid computing cluster  and grid storage cluster
  • Stoomboot and grid computing upgrades non-Intel
  • First general-purpose GPU machines installed
  • Successful prototype of POWER-based Data Transfer Node
  • Participation in specification of next Dutch Supercomputer
  • Key role in penetration tests of certain Dutch government organisations

Key positions in collaborations

  • WLCG Overview Board: Jeff Templon
  • Dutch National e-Infrastructure Executive Team: Jeff Templon and David Groep

Main paper in 2018

  • 100G DTN, T. Suerink, https://fasterdata.es.net/science-dmz/DTN/100g-dtn/

Detector R&D

Programme Leader

Niels van Bakel

Main points: scientific

  • CERN test beam with fast sensors on Timepix3

Main points: technical

  • Development of a lab alignment system based on quadrant photon diodes (QPD).
  • Collaboration with two Dutch photonics companies, Bright Photonics & Smart Photonics, to fabricate QPDs for the space-based GW interferometer LISA.
  • Development of the QUAD detector: a gaseous pixel detector for the ILC time projection chamber
  • New cleanroom for optical lab in Silicon alley


  • NWO TTW Take-off feasibility study grant: Holographic emitter, M. Fransen

Main paper

  • White Rabbit Absolute Calibration. ISPCS-2018, October 5 at CERN Geneva; P. Jansweijer, H. Peek, Best paper award at the ISPCS symposium 2018