Jos Engelen
(A brief CV you find here and a list of scientific publications. . Most of these publications can be
found at and here with a targeted search. Top citations (for what it is worth..!) here)

'One publication I am particularly fond of: MEASUREMENT OF DEEP INELASTIC COMPTON SCATTERING
OF HIGH ENERGY PHOTONS, CERN/EP/85-07, 18 January 1985. Available here as pre-print,
the publication in Physics Letters is not Open Access... Co-authors Daniel Treille and Jim Virdee became
lifelong friends: they remained faithful to science whilst I strayed off into science management and
administration... The discovery of the Higgs boson was their share!'

Faculty Professor-em, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam
Address: Nikhef, Science Park 105, 1098 XG Amsterdam
Tel. +31(0)20 592 2142 | 

Artistic representation of the ZEUS uranium-scintillator calorimeter (E. Koffeman et al)

Composition of superconducting Nb-Ti cable and electrical splice (S.J. de Jong)
Experiment: observations; experiment halted...

A contribution to the discussion on the Strategy for European Particle Physics (2020): here

Recent article about Plan S (Open Access scientific publishing), in Dutch... (published in Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde) here

Science Europe Open Access Symposium
Antwerp, April 26, 27, 2017: Programme

and closing remarks

Minisymposium and valedictory lecture ('afscheidscollege') on March 10, 2017, Aula UvA

The lecture: text. The slides (without animation, however) are here
The write-up of the lecture can be found here

Purple = Dutch:
Afscheid Algemeen Bestuur NWO, 7 december 2016, Glazen Zaal, Den Haag, korte speech

A recent initiative on Open Access publishing, SciPost, you find via this link


Here is the NIKHEF homepage; here the University of Amsterdam homepage
and here the Faculty of Science homepage
                  Een speciale inleiding tot de relativiteitstheorie staat hier
                  Inleiding bij de prachtige theatervoorstelling H I G G S van Jan van de Berg staat hier
Events, presentations:

1- N.a.v. Huygenstentoonstelling in Grote Kerk in Den Haag, hier een oplossing van de 'cycloïdeslinger' van Christiaan Huygens
2- Betekenis en Ontdekking van het Higgs-deeltje, HOVO, Leiden (13 mei 2013): tekst en aanvullende ppt

3-(Another...) talk on Open Access Publishing (Nijmegen, December 11, 2013)

A recent publication on Open Access publishing is here
And an even more recent one here

Publishedin The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A is 
this article on organisational aspects of the LHC project

Een artikel over Europa 'the CERN paradigm', door Walter Hoogland en JE (niet in de krant gekomen)

I have started to collect a number of write-ups on various topics on this page

Een recent (najaar 2015) stukje over onderzoekfinanciering op De Omslag

Issues of current topical interest: - will be updated soon!
           Example of recent discussion on environmental governance published behind a paywall in Science,
           here is a comment (in Dutch...) and here the article  (it is not, contrary to what I expected of a Science article, a scientific article)

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