-1- A review, published in the CERN Courier, on calorimety (year ~2000)

-2- A speech at the occasion a Honorary professorship at the University of Amsterdam
      for professor Martinus Veltman (in the year ~2001)

-3- At the occasion of the farewell of professor Karel Gaemers as dean of the
      Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam (2009): a speech

-4- Spinoza Award ceremony 2011

-5- An inspiring article by P.W. Anderson on complexity: more is different . A comment
      (also posted as a blog on  josengelen.blogspot.com).

-6- A remarkable article by Richard P. Feynman (speech for the American Physical Society
      in December 1959, published at Caltech in 'Science and Engineering' in February 1960).
      The announcement of the emergence of nanoscience and nanotechnology more than
      four decades before it actually happened! Here is a copy

-7-A beautiful article on Majorana fermions by Frank Wilczek