The jury received 21 nominations for the 2021 Kluyver prize (best thesis summary): to be awarded December 14 during the NIKHEF Annual Meeting (footnote 1). See this Nikhef page for an interview with the winner. The report by the  jury is here .

All summaries by the winners since 2010 (the first year the prize was awarded) can be found here   They are very interesting to read!

The Nikhef web-page with all Ph. D. theses (footnote 2) is here.

The winners so far:

-1- Search for a Strange Phase in Beautiful Oscillations, Tristan Arnoldus du Pree (geb. te Rotterdam), Date of defence, 22 oktober 2010

-2- Searching for the Top, Alexander Dimos Doxiadis (geb. te München, D), D.o.d. 7 juli 2011

-3- The Geodesic Deviation Method and Extreme Mass-Ratio Systems, Gideon Koekoek (geb. te Amsterdam), D.o.d. 15 december 2011

-4- Ageing and the Decay of Beauty, Daan van Eijk (geb. te Spijkenisse), D.o.d. 15 okober 2012

-5- Effective Theories in Cosmology, Sander Johannes Nicolaas Mooij (geb. te Haarlem), D.o.d. 24 september 2013

-6- The color of X-rays, Enrico Junior Schioppa, (geb. te Rome, I), D.o.d. 5 december 2014

-7- The Higgs Boson, Stefan Gadatsch (geb. te Hachenburg, D), D.o.d. 26 juni 2015

-8- Discovery of rare B decays, Siim Tolk (geb. te Tallinn, EST), D.o.d. 8 april 2016

-9- Character Profile of the Higgs Boson, Lydia Brenner (geb. te Utrecht), D.o.d. 22 september 2017

-10- Running in the early Universe, Jacopo Fumagalli (geb. te Cremona, I), D.o.d. 25 oktober 2018

-10- Substantiating the void, Jeroen Meidam (geb. te Oss), D.o.d. 7 februari 2018

-11- A Spark in the Dark, Erik Hogenbirk (geb. te Alkmaar), D.o.d. 8 maart 2019

-12- Myth busting precision physics, Melissa Corona van Beekveld (geb. te Oss), D.o.d. 7 september 2020

-13- Seismic and Newtonian noise modeling for Advanced Virgo and Einstein Telescope, Maria Karolina Margit Bader (geb. te München, D), D.o.d. 9 februari 2021

Jury members:
Stan Bentvelsen; Jos Engelen (chair); Karel Gaemers (former chair); Walter Hoogland; Sijbrand de Jong (from 2022); Frank Linde; Peter de Witt Huberts; Pieter van Braam van Vloten (secretary).
Former members:
Ger van Middelkoop (untill 2013); Bert Diddens (untill 2018); Teus van Egdom (former secretary).

Rules ('reglement') in Dutch here

(footnote 1) Award ceremony took place 'virtually'; annual meeting postponed
(footnote 2) Well, all but the earliest theses. My thesis here (from IMAPP Nijmegen repository). There is one acknowledgement that is a bit embarrassing, but history cannot be rewritten.