The Site Access Control suite started with the Local Centre Authorization Service (LCAS) and the Local Centre Mapping Service (LCMAPS) in the early days of the EU DataGrid project. This landmark project, support under the EC’s FP5 programme, lays the foundations for both the WLCG computing grid and for the global infrastructure that emerged as EGI and the SURF Grid facilities today.

In Work Package 4, fabric management, we developed the interface software that linked global (PKI) user credentials to system-local ‘posix’ credentials - and provide fine grained control in the mean time. Leveraging the early work of the ADAM AmPS Data Analysis Method pluggable architecture, the ‘pool account’ concept from Andrew McNab’s GridSite, and the Globus Toolkit, the resulting system basically remains in use even in the 2020’s for the Grid Community Toolkit, in ARC, and in many (sometime unexpected) places.

For current documentation, refer to the documentation wiki. Here we list the DataGrid pages (mirrored and preserved for historic interest):