We study the integration of ICT infrastructure (computing systems, networks, and storage), the implementation methodology of algorithms to be able to exploit high-throughput and high-performance computing and storage, and the secure collaboration mechanisms that enable this infrastructure to operate as a collective, coherent, and reliable ecosystem.

The PDP programme participates in a range on infrastructure projects and research collaborations. And over our twenty-year history we have contributed to the European Data Grid, computing for the D0 experiment, the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, the Virtual Laboratory for e-Science, and our national e-Infrastructure now coordinated by SURF. We defined standards for federated operational security, authentication and authorization, co-defined the AARC Blueprint Architecture, and built a comprehensive Site Access Control software suite. We modelled estimated response time for cluster computing, reseached state correctness of distributed computing systems through formal static modelling, and probed the completeness of the OpenID Connect Federation standard.

Many of these activities are carried our in European and national projects: