Computing for D0 at NIKHEF

This page is under construction

At NIKHEF all computing resources have been moved into the LCG grid infrastructure. Monte Carlo jobs are submitted to this grid and via the resource broker sent to places where jobs from the DZERO Virtual Organisation are accepted. These places are:

  • Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Lyon, France
  • Manchester, UK
  • NIKHEF, Netherlands
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Rutherford, UK
  • SARA, Netherlands
  • Wuppertal, Germany

A complete accounting scheme is put in place which will show the contributions from these institutes. For the moment only the accounting at NIKHEF is available on this page.


Last month, no GHz-equivalent hours were used for Dzero on the local clusters (that is no days of running on a 1 GHz Pentium processor).

First results of D0 MCC production on LCG

Some history

Monte Carlo events for D0 have been produced on the following systems: (SGI Origin)
2000-2003NIKHEF D0 farm (50 dual CPUs)
2004NIKHEF LCG cluster (125 dual CPUs)