The PDP strategy - as we established the revised strategy of the group in 2014

The Physics Data Processing programme at Nikhef

The ‘Grid Computing’ activities at Nikhef has been running successfully for twelve years, if we take the start of the EU DataGrid project (January 2001) as the program start. The initial group activities were motivated by the needs of HEP computing, and the interest of the then-current group members. Later these activities were expanded to include middleware development as well as collaboration with non-HEP researchers, motivated by the successes of initial ad-hoc projects and collaborations, as well as (for the non-HEP collaborations) our desire to generate enough interest in a shared national e-infrastructure for science to make it a reality.

In 2013, we ‘officially’ started the Physics Data Processing programme - the Nikhef research programme for enabling technologies in advanced computing, networking, and deployable algorithms for research.

PDP Strategy documents (2014 edition)

PDPStrategy-compact.pdfPhysics Data Processing at Nikhef
pdp-jaarverslag-2013.pdfPDP section of the Nikhef Annual Report 2013
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