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Kwartierstaat Van Schothorst
- Index Letter Q -
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L. Lapikás,
Kwartierstaat Van Schothorst,
version 9.4,
Muiden, UTC.
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Kwartierstaat Van Schothorst Index Letter Q ( 26 names)
   2707      quac, c  
   2707      quac, cornelis  
   2707      quac, dr  
   23        quack, godfried anton  
   23        quack, vrouwe antoinetta elisabeth  
   5421      qualm, maria ariensdr  
   1373      quarles, jan  
   5545      quartel, govert jansz  
   655       quecler, florentia  
   655       quecler, jan  
   655       quecler, margriet  
   655       quecler, roeland  
   59        quedens, aukjen  
   59        quedens, george henri  
   1357      quesne, isaac  
   2614      quien, pierre de  
   113       quillien, aymard le forestier de  
   851       quinkeler, johanna  
   425       quinkeler, johanna  
   49        quint, arend willem  
   701       quint, gillis de  
   49        quint, klaas  
   5417      quirijnsz, willem  
   5448      quispel, francois  
   21        quist, johanna  
   45        quist, marinus christinus  

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