Jan-Willem van Holten

                   Theoretical Physics, NIKHEF

                    tel.:   +31 (0)20 592 5131

                    fax:    31 (20) 592 5155

                    e-mail: t32@nikhef.nl

                                                Universiteit Leiden

                    tel.:   +31 (0)71 527 5523 


    Research interests:



           Quantum Field Theory


    Present projects:

  - Supersymmetric sigma-models on Kaehler manifolds, 

          and applications to unified models of fundamental interactions 

      - Non-standard supersymmetries in spinning-particle dynamics; 

    - Worldline fermions and supersymmetry in field theory; 

     - Gravitational waves: theory and detection

     - Supersymmetric hydrodynamics



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               Direct links to files and manuscripts 

                Gravitatie: van zwaartekracht tot kosmologie
                     Lecture notes of my introductory course on General Relativity  (in Dutch) 


               Topical lecture cosmology 2019

                     Topics in Theoretical Physics 2016 

                     Exercises of the Leiden course Black Holes and Gravitational Waves, part I                  

                     HOVO-cursus Elementaire deeltjes                  

                     Susy lectures                  


                     film dark matter                  

                     film accelerating expansion                  

                     elementaire deeltjes.ppt                  


                     HOVO-cursus kosmologie 


                      Spectrum of high-energy cosmics 

                      We study ultra-high-energy cosmics with HiSPARC 

                      My colloquium talk about HiSPARC is here                   

                      College Leiden (Dutch)    Deeltjes en velden    

                      College Delft (English)    Particles and fields        

                      Overview particle physics (powerpoint)        


                     Gravitational waves      (AiO school, jan./febr. 2006)

                     Relativistic fluids and stars      (AiO school, jan./febr. 2006)

                     Kaehler geometry and supersymmetry      (Zakopane lectures, june 2003)

                     Hamline lecture on the Fundamental Interactions  (oct. 2002)
                       part I
                       part II
                       part III 

                     Fields and symmetries     (NIKHEF topical lectures, march 2002) 

                     Over de grenzen van de natuurkunde    (oratie in Dutch, june 2000) 

                     Newton's constant  (with a selection of measurements) 


                     Matter in the universe
                      A brief introduction to cosmology at the undergraduate level 

                     The Standard Model and Beyond
                     Lecture notes of a course at the Dutch Winterschool  of Theoretical Physics 2000 

                     Aspects of BRST-quantization
                     Lectures at the Summerschool on `Geometry and Topology in Physics'
                     Rot a/d Rot (Germany), sept. 2001