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Nikhef Data Processing Facility - Distribution Area

This area contains documents, scripts, photos, movies, but also software
and packages that are useful to Nikhef or the NDPF. Please be advisd that
some areas have been shielded and are only accessible from within Nikhef.

  area              contents
  ----------------  --------------------------------------------------------
  doc               documentation for systems, movies, and photos
  doc/scripts       scripts for common and less common tasks
  packages          software (prodominently RPM based for EL*) that
                    may be of use beyond Nikhef. This area is no longer
                    indexed with repodata - please mirror if you need that.
  Aladdin           (nikhef only) drivers for Aladdin/SafeNet eTokens
  tmp               temporary data

  local             system installation, configuration, and package support
                    for systems within Nikhef (NDPF GridSRV, generics)