The NDPF has an 'interactive user interface' service that is accessible for holders of a Nikhef account and that need unique finctionalities to access grid services (either the Grid Tunnel or federated services at other sites) that cannot be supported on the Stoomboot Interactive nodes.

At NIKHEF, we do not genrally allow ‘outside’ users to use local production computing systems. We do not support ‘guest’ accounts nor shared ‘group’ accounts. You can only run your jobs on NIKHEF internal production system if you have a local NIKHEF account. If you feel you’re eligible for such an account, contact the Computing Technology group. Ask your contact person at NIKHEF to request an account for you. The relevant page to point to is the Account Request documentation.
Note that we will no longer accept requests for Grid use of the NIKHEF desktop systems. That service has been discontinued.

In all cases, please contact the NIKHEF Grid/PDP support if you have any questions: