Over the years, we wrote (or adapted) a range of system utilities to help us manage (or fix) things.

Public Software Repository

The PDP group develops a number of larger software suites in the areas of security, site access control, and distributed computing. We also package software for Debian and EPEL (Enterprise linux distro's such as Rocky Linux and CentOS). You can find these packages, and the TCS tools, at:

Other helpful utilities

2019-08-08 arcconfPowerPC ARC conf tool
2010-02-19 cleanse-tmpdircleanup a TMPDIR from a torque or PBS job after it completes (source in subversion)
2011-11-25 dev-sanityin case your Torque package makes /dev/null into a file (source in subversion)
2012-05-16 foundry-traclconvert an egress-formatted ACL list for Foundry BigIron switches to a corresponding set of ingress ACLs
2008-12-19 lcdtextset the display text on DELL PowerEdge LCD front-panel displays
2009-03-23 lcmaps-plugins-c-pepthe policy enforcement point plugin to talk to Argus from LCMAPS
2010-08-02 local-casthe DutchGrid Legacy CA
2008-12-19 lvrasizeresize lv blocks to align reads on software RAID systems - and dramatically improve performance
2022-01-23 mkgroup-sshlpkprovision authorized_keys files for users based on an LDAP (LPK) directory - including AuthorizedKeysCommand support and subjectDN listing for OpenVPN access files
2022-01-23 mvSataLinux.el4Utilities for the mvsata driver (Sun Thumper) for linux RHEL4
2010-02-19 prune-userprocskill all the jobs on a torque/pbs worker node that have no valid, scheduled, owner process associated with them
2024-01-09 rhel-packages
2008-12-19 sccswhatport of the SCCS 'what' utility printing lines starting with "#@"
2022-01-23 SunX4500Sun Thumper X4500 disk layout and software RAID-ing (and finding the light LED to light up)
2023-11-19 viewvc-1.3.0-dev
2009-02-16 vocachediradd the VO_xxx_CACHE_DIR environment variable to the users' job environment if such a per-VO specific directory can be located in one of a few places
2022-01-23 XenServer-XCP-scriptsmodified Xen network start/stop script when using NAT