Deposition Policy for the Home-organisation Archival Data Repository Of Nikhef (HADRON)

The Home-organisation Archival Data Repository Of Nikhef (HADRON, the Nikhef Institutional Repository) provides long-term preservation and curation of digital artefacts, and access to these artefacts from without and outside Nikhef and its collaborations and partnerships. Contents of the HADRON service are intended to be openly findable and accessible - subject to configured access controls and a managed review and release process.

By depositing artefacts, such as datasets and software, in the HADRON service, you support open science and our Nikhef mission: making you data accessible for future research, collaboration, and sharing. Thank you!

At the same time, you will be granting us some rights and indemnities in order for us to preserve, manage, and disseminate the data submitted to the service. Please read the Institutional Data Repository Deposition Policy carefully: by using our HADRON Repository, you agree to abide by its terms and conditions.