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Privacy notice

NIKHEF NDPF and NL-T1 Alarms

Selected pre-qualified individuals can use the NDPF and NL-T1 Alarms system to notify the on-duty crew about highly urgent or critical problems in the NL-T1 infrastructure that cannot wait for another minute. Before you contact this address, please realise that you may incur additional costs for the T1 (which will be billed to the VO), call people out of their bed, or generally appear as very obnoxious.

Once you've convinced yourself it is really urgent, determine:

  • who (VO and user DN) is having the problem
  • to which ultimate service endpoint the problem relates
  • when (at what time) there was a problem
  • the full error and events logs associated with the problem
  • how critical the error is for the operations of the VO
  • how to problem can be reproduced, or else in which way the problem is intermittent
and write there together with a clear error report in the email. Also, somewhere inside the plaintext message, clearly mention the site name like:
 I'm having trouble with site NIKHEF-ELPROD.
where the site name is the one used in the GOC DB, and use your certificate to S/MIME sign the message. Messages that are not signed are not routed to the emergency system. Messages also must have both a non-null sender and subject.

You should receive an automatic acknowledgement that your mail was received and processed. If you do not receive such a message, please retry.

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