The Main directory for FORM

For the most recent changes, please consult the history.

The distribution contains:
documentation The tutorial, reference manuals, etc.
FORM sources The sources and instructions how to make FORM.
binaries Some binaries made in travis. One should however try to make ones own binaries from the FORM sources at the github repository in form-<version>.tar.gz.
packages The packages that come with the distribution.
courses Course material.
publications Publications about FORM.
HEPGAME Information concerning the HEPGAME project.
other programs Like stedi, minos and axodraw.
old website The old website and its binaries.

As a special there here is also a link to the MZV data mine. This is an enormous database of relations between Multiple Zeta Values and relations between Euler sums.

More information about FORM.

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As a service we still have the complete old site available with its executables and manual.

Questions, remarks, suggestions? Please use the issue tracker in the github pages.