The Multiple Zeta Value Data Mine

These pages contain the results of a number of runs with (T)FORM to create tables with Multiple Zeta Values and Euler sums. They are expressed in terms of a basis. There are tables for MZVs and Euler sums. These tables go way beyond what was previously (before 2009) available. Their purpose is to allow people to look by themselves for relations, systematics or patterns.

When you use any of these results, please don't forget the authors, ie. please refer to the paper: J. Blümlein, D.Broadhurst and J.A.M. Vermaseren, "The Multiple Zeta Value Data Mine", (to appear really soon now).

For the most recent changes, please consult the history.

Before starting to download files, please have a short look at some of the conventions we use.

The distribution contains:
Euler or alternating sums The Euler sums, also called alternating sums.
MZVs or non-alternating sums The Multiple Zeta values, also called non-alternating sums.
publications Publications.
programs Various (T)FORM programs.
links Links to other places dealing with Multiple Zeta Values.
FORM The FORM home page.

All results are in FORM notation. It is usually not very difficult to convert this to the notation of other programs. The main problem is the sheer size of the results. Many files are several Gigabytes long. Therefore some simple FORM programs have been included that can manipulate the data. They serve as examples which the user can modify.

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