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The publications and papers about FORM are:

  1. / form3.0.pdf: The article about the release of version 3.0.
  2. / parform1.pdf: An early paper about ParForm.
  3. / parform2.pdf: Another early paper about ParForm.
  4. / form3.1.pdf: Shows new features of version 3.1. In particular it shows how to use the tablebase facility.
  5. / parform3.pdf: About recent developments with ParFORM.
  6. / extform.pdf: Introduces the external channels and shows how to use them.
  7. / tform.pdf: About the implementation of the use of multiple threads.
  8. / form40.pdf: The article about the release of version 4.0.
  9. / optim.pdf: The article about the optimization of output expressions.

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