6-jul-2017: Released version 4.2 in the github.

3-feb-2016: Rather late update of historic facts. We are now at version 4.1. There have been many new features, not in the least code optimizations, new functions and new statements. It is best to consult the manuals. The latest feature (today) is the id_ function and the onefill options for the tables. The sources of FORM are available at the github. This can be reached at www.github.com/vermaseren/form. This allows users to create their own executables.

29-mar-2012: Release of version 4.0.

There are many new features, This includes factorization, arithmetic with rational functions, many new commands and functions. It is best to page through the new manual.

6-apr-2012: Added the Apple binaries. (Got some help from Thomas Hahn). These binaries include the GMP and also the TFORM clock is more sane than in previous versions.

10-apr-2012: First bugfixes. About 8 assorted bugs. Replaced the LINUX, Cygwin and Apple binaries.

25-oct-2013: Release of version 4.1. Main new feature is code optimization. See the appropriate chapter in the manual. For the rest there are of course lots of little things, like a set for summed_over_indices and restrictions on the number of arguments of a function if so desired.

29-jan-2014: Updated the Linux64 version in the binaries.

IMPORTANT! Currently we provide only the linus 64-bits binary version. All other binaries are still 4.0. With the sources in the CVS it is possible however to make ones own binary. The binaries we provide have been statically linked and should run on most versions of linux.

13-mar-2014: Updated the Apple 64-bits binaries. There is a problem with the compilation on the new Apple versions: it needs the Xcode.app program. Also the autoreconfig should be installed.

14-mar-2014: Updated the Apple 32-bits binaries.