Other programs

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The programs here are not FORM programs, but are useful when doing certain types of FORM-related work. The programs are available with their source code. This may be in C or in FORTRAN, depending on the program.

There are:
stedi The stedi editor. It supports folds and much more. It was used for the development of FORM.
minos The minos database facility. It was used for calculations involving large numbers of diagrams.
axodraw A package for drawing Feynman diagrams, histograms, flowcharts in a LaTeX environment.
axodraw2 Version 2 of Axodraw.
FF A FORTRAN package for calculating one loop integrals numerically. Written by Geert-Jan van Oldenborgh.
axolib A library with many useful kinematics routines for the calculation of processes in particle physics. Available both in FORTRAN (the old version) and C (a more modern version).
GRACE The GRACE package of the KEK Minami Tateya group (link). It does automatic calculations of tree and one loop processes in particle physics. Uses FORM and FF.

If you would like to contribute packages or have links to some of your packages, please send e-mail to one of the authors.