The axolib library for phase space integration

Once upon a time in a galaxy very far away.......

The origins of axolib go back very far. To the last seventies of the previous millennium and another continent. And Axo was still alive....

Axolib is a collection of kinematics subroutines for manipulating phase space integrals. It comes together with the VEGAS package by G. P. Lepage (A New Algorithm for Adaptive Multidimensional Integration, J.Comput.Phys.27:192,1978), which has been modified to allow the construction of histograms during the Monte Carlo integration. There are also some routines for the calculation of dilogarithms and trilogarithms. The routines come in two versions. The old version is written in Fortran. It produces histograms (if asked for) in an old way that was suitable for use on line printers. It is OK when you can put the output in an editor window that can be made 132 characters wide.

The newer version is written in C. It produces histograms in axodraw format. By running the resulting file through LaTeX and dvips one can view the much prettier histograms with your local postscript viewer. You can also copy the histograms directly to the .tex file of your papers.

The manual was written in the eighties by Sijbrand de Jong. It was for the most important part of the Fortran version. Newer pieces for the C version were produced for a course given at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in the autumn of 2006. More documentation will become available in the future.

axolibF.tar.gz The Fortran version with manual.
examplesF.tar.gz Some examples of the use of the Fortran version.
axolibC.tar.gz The C version with whatever exist of the manual.
examplesC.tar.gz Some examples of the use of the C version.