Axodraw is a style file for use in LaTeX. It allows users to define pictures, histograms and flowcharts as part of their (La)TeX files.

axodraw.sty The style file.
axoman.tex The manual file. The postscript version of the manual file.
axoman.pdf The pdf version of the manual file.

One uses the style file by inserting the following line

near the beginning of your LaTeX file. Axodraw works with postscript primitives. Therefore one cannot use it with pdflatex. If you need pdf files the procedure is:
latex file dvips file -o ps2pdf
On some systems ps2pdf plays funny games with the margins. In that case the easiest way is to use kghostview instead and use its print option to print to a .pdf file.

There exists also a JAVA interface to prepare axodraw graphics. It is called JaxoDraw and can be downloaded from here. It has become quite popular and is for most people the preferred way to draw Feynman diagrams. It was originally written by D. Binosi and L. Theussl.

Axodraw is also used by a part of the C version of the axolib library that produces histograms.

The current version of axodraw.sty contains also some graphics primitives to draw sudoku diagrams. The manual will be released soon and so will be a program that can generate and solve sudoku's.