The Minos database facility

Minos is a program that can store information about many objects and manage them is a way that allows for easy processing. It was designed for using FORM on a large (10000+) number of Feynman diagrams, each of which had to be run separately. At a later stage the core parts of it have been made part of FORM for its tablebase facilities.

Amoung its newest features are support for computers with more than one processor.

The minos package is provided as source code which should be compiled by the user. There is a manual and the user is invited to customize the source code to her/his needs.

minos.dir.gz A file with the directory minosdir which will contain all files, including the manual.

To install minos, please put the file minos.tar.gz in a proper place. Then type the command

    tar -xzf minosdir.tar.gz
This will create the directory minosdir. Go to this directory and type the command
This should create the executable of minos. Please copy it to a place that is covered by your path variable. That way, when you type `minos filename' the system will find minos.