Special purpose packages

For the most recent changes, please consult the history.

Here are several packages that were constructed over the years and that might be useful for some people. They are based on articles in the literature. There is no guarantee that they are 100% correct. They have worked for the research for which they were intended, and after that for more work. Yet, new users may use them in different ways and run into surprises. As with FORM itself, it is impossible to forsee everything. Yet packages like mincer have been used very much by several authors and should therefore be reasonably reliable. The same holds for the summer package.

There are:
color A package for calculating color group coefficients for arbitrary groups and representations.
harmpol A package for manipulations involving Harmonic Polylogarithms.
meltran A package for Mellin transforms and inverse Mellin transforms.
mincer The mincer package for the evaluation of massless three loop propagator-like integrals.
summer A package for Harmonic sums. There are also programs for obtaining all relations between multiple zeta values of a given weight.
externalchannels Codes for establishing external channels. Filters for using external programs and C code for letting other programs use FORM in an embedded way.
Xsummer The XSummer package provides expansions of transcendental functions and performs symbolic summation in FORM. It has been written by Sven Moch and Peter Uwer.

If you would like to contribute packages or have links to some of your packages, please send e-mail to one of the authors.