The mincer package

Mincer is a program, originally devised by Gorishni, Larin, Surguladze and Tkachov (Comput.Phys.Commun.55:381-408,1989), based on algorithms provided in papers by Chetyrkin and Tkachov (Nucl. Phys.B192 (1981) 159.), and Tkachov (Phys. Lett. 100B (1981); Teor. Mat. Fiz. 56 (1983) 350). The original version was written for Schoonschip, but it has been rewitten from scratch for FORM by J. Vermaseren and in that form it has been used for many calculations, a number of which include its use as part of the Matad system (M. Steinhauser: Comput.Phys.Commun.134:335-364,2001).

The newest version is `Mincer Exact' which does not use power expansions in ep, but uses polyratfun instead. As such it is insensitive to spurious poles. It needs FORM version 4.0 or later.

The files are:
mincer.h The complete library.
mincer2.h The complete library in a form in which it can be used for calculations to order ep^2 (ep=4-D)/2).
testmincer1.frm A test program to show the use of mincer.
testmincer2.frm Another test program to show the use of mincer.
mincerexact.frm `Mincer exact'. Program works with polyratfun and gives results

It should be noted that the files mincer.h, mincer2.h and mincerex.h are best viewed with the stedi editor. The files are rather long (O(1 Mbyte)) and the various routines and tables are all inside folds to make the whole more readable.

The mincer exact file should be unpacked with the UNIX command `tar -xzf minceex.tgz'. It creates the files
calcdia.frm Test program. Calculates an N=6 moment.
calcdia.log Output of the test program as run with `tform -w8 -l calcdia' on a computer with 24 Opteron cores at 2.8 GHz.
diagram.h One diagram in the DIS of photn off a quark.
minceex.h The mincer exact library file.
treatqaqa.prc Does the physics part of the reaction.

Currently there is no manual.