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Genealogie Reinders
- Index Letter R -
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L. Lapikás,
Genealogie Reinders,
version 6.3,
Muiden, UTC.
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Genealogie Reinders Index Letter R ( 185 names)
   10d       rabbets, frederick charles  
   10d       rabbets, martha marguerite lilian  
   8b        rebibo, albert f  
   8b        reerink, daniella johanna  
   5a        reijnders, harmen jan  
   6a        reijnders, harmen jan  
   7c        reijnders, herman jan  
   8c        reijnders, herman jan  
   7c        reijnders, hillegien  
   5a        reijnders, maria elisabeth  
   7a        reijnders, neeltje  
   6b        reijnders, pieter  
   7c        reijnders, pieter  
   5a        reijnders, roelof  
   6a        reijnders, roelof  
   6b        reijnders, roelof  
   7a        reijnders, roelof  
   6b        reijnders, sophia magdalena  
   6b        reijnders, swaantje  
   6b        reijnders, wiechert  
   7b        reinders,   
   8b        reinders, aagje antonia  
   9h        reinders, anna johanna  
   8b        reinders, anna maria  
   10c       reinders, anna stephanie  
   11b       reinders, antoine marie  
   8c        reinders, antonia maria  
   7b        reinders, arend  
   9f        reinders, arendina maria therese  
   7b        reinders, arnold  
   9b        reinders, arnold  
   8c        reinders, bastiaan wichert  
   8a        reinders, berendina willemina johanna  
   9b        reinders, bernarda mathilda gerharda  
   9h        reinders, britz janet  
   8c        reinders, bw  
   5a        reinders, carel b  
   6b        reinders, caroline  
   8b        reinders, daniella johanna  
   9b        reinders, daniella johanna  
   8a        reinders, derk  
   8d        reinders, dirk johannes  
   7b        reinders, dj  
   8a        reinders, dj  
   8b        reinders, dj  
   10c       reinders, doreen katherine rose  
   9d        reinders, dra anna maria  
   8b        reinders, egbert  
   9h        reinders, elizabeth m  
   8d        reinders, elizabeth susanna mathilda  
   9h        reinders, felix britz  
   9c        reinders, geertrui johanna hendrika  
   8b        reinders, gerda  
   8b        reinders, gerharda bernarda mathilda  
   9d        reinders, gerharda bernarda mathilda  
   8a        reinders, gerharda johanna  
   8a        reinders, gerrit  
   8b        reinders, gerrit  
   9a        reinders, gerrit  
   9b        reinders, gerrit  
   6b        reinders, gerritjen  
   6b        reinders, gerrits  
   7b        reinders, h  
   8b        reinders, h  
   9c        reinders, h  
   10d       reinders, heather daisy  
   7b        reinders, hendrik  
   8a        reinders, hendrik  
   8b        reinders, hendrik  
   9c        reinders, hendrik  
   5a        reinders, hendrina amelia  
   7b        reinders, herman  
   8b        reinders, herman  
   8c        reinders, herman  
   9b        reinders, herman  
   9c        reinders, herman  
   9h        reinders, herman c  
   8d        reinders, herman jacobus  
   8a        reinders, herman willem  
   6b        reinders, hermina  
   10a       reinders, ir egbert  
   9d        reinders, ir egbert  
   10b       reinders, ir menno  
   10c       reinders, isaac bartholomeus  
   10d       reinders, isaac bartholomeus  
   9g        reinders, isaac bartholomeus  
   7b        reinders, jacob  
   8a        reinders, jacob  
   8b        reinders, jacob  
   8c        reinders, jacob  
   9e        reinders, jacob  
   8a        reinders, jacoba  
   10a       reinders, jacoba berendina johanna  
   8b        reinders, jacoba berendina johanna  
   9e        reinders, jacoba berendina johanna  
   9f        reinders, jacoba frederika  
   8a        reinders, jacobus  
   8b        reinders, jan bernard  
   9d        reinders, jan bernard  
   6a        reinders, jan ledeboer  
   5a        reinders, jan ledebour  
   11c       reinders, jan rudolf  
   9d        reinders, jb  
   11a       reinders, jeroen  
   10b       reinders, johanna anna-maria louise  
   8a        reinders, johanna antonia  
   8b        reinders, johanna antonia  
   7b        reinders, johanna sophia magdalena  
   8a        reinders, johanna sophia magdalena  
   9e        reinders, johanna sophia magdalena  
   8a        reinders, johannes  
   8c        reinders, johannes  
   10d       reinders, john  
   8d        reinders, john thomas  
   9g        reinders, john thomas  
   9h        reinders, john thomas  
   9h        reinders, kathleen britz  
   9c        reinders, l  
   6b        reinders, lambert  
   8b        reinders, lamberta johanna  
   8b        reinders, lambertha johanna  
   9c        reinders, lucas j  
   11a       reinders, madeleine  
   5a        reinders, magdalena  
   11c       reinders, maret  
   8a        reinders, margaretha cornelia  
   9b        reinders, margaretha cornelia  
   6b        reinders, maria  
   9f        reinders, maria margaretha  
   10c       reinders, michiel reinier  
   11a       reinders, michiel reinier  
   10b       reinders, mr egbert  
   10d       reinders, mr egbert  
   8b        reinders, mr jan bernard  
   9c        reinders, mr jan bernard  
   9d        reinders, mr jan bernard  
   10c       reinders, mr jan peter  
   11b       reinders, mr jan peter  
   9e        reinders, mr johan  
   10b       reinders, mr johannes  
   10c       reinders, mr johannes  
   10d       reinders, myrtle rosalie  
   10d       reinders, neville vincent  
   9h        reinders, nicolaas louwrens  
   10d       reinders, noreen elaine  
   10d       reinders, peter  
   7b        reinders, peter  
   8d        reinders, pieter johannes  
   9f        reinders, pieter johannes  
   8a        reinders, r  
   9h        reinders, rencia r  
   6a        reinders, roelof  
   7b        reinders, roelof  
   7c        reinders, roelof  
   8a        reinders, roelof  
   8a        reinders, rudolph  
   8d        reinders, rudolph  
   9a        reinders, rudolph wilhelm  
   9e        reinders, rudolph wilhelm  
   9h        reinders, rudolph wilhelm  
   8d        reinders, saartje johanna  
   9h        reinders, swansea johanna  
   10d       reinders, sydney isaac  
   11c       reinders, tanneke  
   9f        reinders, theresa frederika  
   8b        reinders, wichert  
   7a        reinders, wiechert  
   7b        reinders, wiechert  
   8b        reinders, wiechert  
   9b        reinders, wiechert  
   8a        reinders, wiechert jacobus rudolph  
   8d        reinders, william henry  
   9c        reinders-bastiaans, bwj  
   8b        reinders-veen, anna maria  
   5a        reiners, gesina  
   8b        reis, erna  
   8b        reribo-kwak, jojo  
   7a        riet, beerd van der  
   7a        riet, gerrit van der  
   6a        rijnders, jan ledeboer  
   10b       rijpma, johanna christina  
   10b       rijpma, simon  
   8b        ritzema, marianne  
   8b        ritzema, truus  
   10d       roelofse, jacoba isabella  

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