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Genealogy Lapikás
- Index Letter N -
Refer to these data as:
L. Lapikás,
Genealogy Lapikás,
version 10.1,
Muiden, UTC.
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Genealogy Lapikás Index Letter N ( 121 names)
   6s        nadeau, nn  
   5a        nagy, ilona kazinci  
   5e        niculescu, matic  
   3a        nn,   
   3e        nn,   
   4b        nn,   
   4c        nn,   
   4k        nn,   
   5a        nn,   
   5d        nn,   
   5j        nn,   
   5n        nn,   
   6bb       nn,   
   6m        nn,   
   6q        nn,   
   6y        nn,   
   6z        nn,   
   7n        nn,   
   7o        nn,   
   7q        nn,   
   5a        nn, adriene  
   5d        nn, alan  
   3a        nn, ana  
   1b        nn, anna  
   2c        nn, anna  
   2e        nn, anna  
   2y        nn, anna  
   3b        nn, anna  
   3e        nn, anna  
   5o        nn, brano  
   6o        nn, candace  
   1y        nn, catharina  
   2e        nn, catharina  
   2x        nn, catharina  
   6o        nn, cathy  
   5d        nn, chad  
   5i        nn, charlene  
   6hh       nn, constence  
   7v        nn, deena j  
   5d        nn, diana  
   2w        nn, dorothaea  
   1c        nn, dorothea  
   2x        nn, dorothea  
   6x        nn, dorothy  
   1c        nn, elisabeth  
   5o        nn, emilia  
   1y        nn, eva  
   5o        nn, eva  
   4m        nn, francis  
   3a        nn, georg  
   7h        nn, gitzene rice  
   6p        nn, hazel  
   2e        nn, helena  
   5o        nn, ivan  
   5k        nn, james  
   6z        nn, jane  
   6t        nn, jean  
   7aa       nn, jean  
   7r        nn, jessica  
   5k        nn, joann  
   6aa       nn, judith  
   2x        nn, juliana  
   6z        nn, karen  
   5h        nn, karin  
   2e        nn, katharina  
   1a        nn, katharine  
   5i        nn, kathy  
   5d        nn, linda  
   5k        nn, linda  
   6cc       nn, lisa  
   7a        nn, louise  
   5k        nn, lukas  
   4l        nn, maggie  
   6cc       nn, margaret  
   6v        nn, marge  
   1z        nn, maria  
   2e        nn, maria  
   2w        nn, maria  
   2x        nn, maria  
   2y        nn, maria  
   3a        nn, maria  
   3e        nn, maria  
   6o        nn, marilyn  
   6o        nn, marissa  
   7rr       nn, marlene  
   5n        nn, marta  
   6u        nn, martha  
   6gg       nn, mary  
   4l        nn, mary b  
   6z        nn, mary c  
   7dd       nn, mary jane  
   5p        nn, maryann  
   5d        nn, maurice  
   7r        nn, mercedes  
   5o        nn, michaila  
   7rr       nn, nancy  
   8e        nn, nancy j  
   6w        nn, nina  
   8e        nn, patsy  
   8h        nn, peg  
   7u        nn, renee  
   6bb       nn, rika  
   6c        nn, rolande  
   2e        nn, rosa  
   2x        nn, rosa  
   5k        nn, roxanne  
   5k        nn, sean  
   6z        nn, shannon  
   5i        nn, sharon  
   5k        nn, sharon  
   7p        nn, sharry  
   1y        nn, sophia  
   1z        nn, sophia  
   2a        nn, sophia  
   5o        nn, stefan  
   5g        nn, stephanie  
   7rrr     nn, terri  
   4e        nn, theresia  
   4l        nn, veronica  
   5m        noni, mildred a lapikas  
   7q        nutter, pauline  

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