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Genealogy Lapikás
Generation 2
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Genealogy Lapikás,
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Muiden, 2013.
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Namestovo Branch

2A. MATHIAS LAPIKAS(Z), baptised RC Namestovo 16-5-1776 ("Mathias Mathiae et Catharinae Lapikasz, levantibus Martino Chamuljak & Maria Szopczak"), young man from Namestovo (1802), married Namestovo RC 3-2-1802 ("juvenis Mathias Lapikas, 24 (sic!), x virgo Sophia Zarubszky, 19, testes Mathias Hruboss & Michael Stepuncsik"),[1] SOPHIA ZARUBSKY, baptised RC Namestovo 3-4-1783, deceased/buried Namestovo 25-5-1817 ("mulier Sophia Lapikass, 38 anni (sic!), sacramentis provisa"), young daughter from Namestovo (1802), daughter of Mathias Zarubszky and Dorothea Timcsak. They live in Namestovo (1802..1815).

2B. JOANNES LAPIKAS, baptised RC Namestovo 26-3-1791 (witness Mathias Vervurka and Maria Hamulyak), deceased/buried Namestovo 31-8-1836 ("vir Joannes Lapikass, 45, sacramentis provisus"), young man from Namestovo (1811), married Namestovo RC 6-5-1811 ("juvenis Joannes Lapikas, 18 (sic!), de Nameszto, x virgo Barbara Pafcsik, 18 sic!) de Nameszto, testes Michael Klinov & Simon Csurnyak"),[4] BARBARA PAFCSIK, baptised RC Namestovo 26-11-1789 (witness Josephus Garlay and his wife Maria NN), deceased/buried Namestovo 11/13-11-1856 ("Barbara Lapikass, vidua, de Namestovo in casa nr. 247, 71 (sic!), death cause: phtysis (=tuberculose), sacramentis provisa"), young daughter from Namestovo (1811), baptisation witness (1833), lives in Namestovo in house nr. 247 (1856), daughter of Josephus Pafcsik and Anna NN (see also Fragment Genealogie Pafcik for her ancestors and further family). They live in Namestovo (1814..1836).

Bobrov Branch

2C. MATTHIAS LAPIKASZTIK (alias KOVALIK)¥, born 1754/55, young man living in Bobrov (1781), baptisation witness in Zubrohlava (1783, 1784), and in 1786 als Mathias Kovalik? married Zubrohlava 14-1-1781 ("juvenis Mathias Lapikasstik, Matthei Lapikasstik Bobroviensis filius, 26, ex Bobrov, copulatus cum virgine Rosina defuncti Andreae Benicsak Bobroviensis filia, 24, testes Thomas Keresznic and Martinus Jibenczel") ROS(IN)A BENICSAK, baptised RC Namestovo 30-1-1758 ("Rosina Andreae et Catharinae Benicsak de Bobrov, levantibus Joanne Puchalak & Marina uxore Andreae Puchalak"), young daughter living in Bobrov (1781), baptisation witness in Zubrohlava (1784, 1786) (Rosina Matthaei Kovalik uxor"), daughter of Andreas Benicsak and Catharina NN. They live in Bobrov (1782..1785).

2D. JOANNES LAPIKASCIK, baptised RC Zubrohlava 10-6-1771 ("baptizatus est Joannes Mathiae & Eva Lapikasstik ex Bobrov, levantibus Mathias Bubala & Sophia ejus uxore"), widower lives in Klin (1800), married 1o before 1800 ELISABETH NN, born 1775/76, deceased before 1800, deceased Klin 4-7-1800 ("mulier Elisabetha Lapikascsik de Klin, 24, sacramentis provisa, buried Zubhrolava), married 2o Zubrohlava RC 20-10-1800 ("viduus Joannes Lapikascik, 28, de Klin, x virgo Sophia Molia, 26, de Klin, testes, Pavel Kossut and Andr. Tyrala") SOPHIA MOLJA(K), baptised RC Namestovo 07 Dec 1772 ("Zophia Emerici & Catharinae Moljak de Klin, levantibus Georgio Pardel et Doroth. ux(ore) ejus"), young daughter (1800), lives in Klin (1800..1812), daughter of Emericus Moljak and Catharina NN.

Klin Branch

2G. MATTHIAS LAPIKASZ, baptised RC Namestovo 12-2-1767 ("bapt(isavit) Matthiam Joanis et Cath. Lapikasz, levantibus Matthias Vengrin et Dor. uxore, de Klin), marries presumably twice, married 1o before 1785 MARIA NN, deceased 1788-1794? with whom he lives in Namestovo (1785, 1788), married 2o 1788-1794? ANNA NN, with whom he lives in Namestovo (1794).

2E. JOANNES LAPIKASS(IK), born 1774¥, marriage witness (1802, 1820, 1828, 1833) in Zubrohlava, baptisation witness in Zubrohlava (1817..1824), young man lives in Klin (1796), lives in Klin (1796..1827), listed as Ioannes Lapikass in the list of inhabitants of Klin 1828,[11] married 1o Zubrohlava RC 18-1-1796 ("hon(estus) juvenis Joannes Joannis Lapikasztik Klinensis filius, 22, de Klin, x hon(esta) virgo Elisabeth Joannis Lipnicki Klinensis filia, 18, de Klin, testes Joannes Stepuncsik et Paulus Olexik Klinenses") VERON(IC)A LIPNICKI, baptised RC Namestovo Apr 1778 ("parentes Joannes et Rosa Lipniczky de Klin, patrini Michael Rigalyak & Maria Olexik"), deceased 1813-1817, young daughter lives in Klin (1796). daughter of Joannes Lipniczky and Rosa NN uit Klin, married 2o Zubrohlava RC 12-1-1817 ("viduus Joannes Lapikass, 42, de Klin, x virgo Anna Randyak, 23, de Klin, testes Paulus et Stephanus Kossuth) ANNA RANDYAK, baptised RC Namestovo 26-12-1795 ("Anna Mathiae et Dorotheae Rapcsanzky de Klin, patrini Paulus Mola et Catharina ejus uxor"), deceased after 1835, young daughter from Klin (1817), lives in Klin (1817..1827), baptisation witness in Zubrohlava (1817..1824), daughter of Mathias Rapczansky and Dorothea NN. They live in Klin (1822-1835) as farmers (1827-1835).

COMMENT(¥); Joannes Lapikas and his wife Anna, plebei (farmers) are four times baptisation witness in Namestovo (1843). He also in 1860, she in 1845 (as Anna Lapikas). Could they be identified with Joannes Lapikass X Anna Randyak?

COMMENT(¥); If we believe the ages that Joannes reports at both his marriages he must be born in 1774. No baptisation of a Joannes Lapikas(..) was found around that year. Could he be born under another name? One candidate is :
Joannes Kovalancsik, baptised RC Namestovo 25 Sep 1774 ("Joannes Martini & Annae Kovalancsik de Klin, levantibus Adamo Kovalancsik et Dorothea uxor Andreae Papaj").
There are two (weak) arguments to choose this Joannes: firstly, the surname Kovalancsik is close to the alias Kovalik of another Lapikas (see above), secondly, Joannes has a son called Adamus, a name that you don't see very often, and that is also the name of one of the godfathers at Johannes baptisation.

2F. SIM(E)ON LAPIKASS(CIK), born 1778/79, deceased Klin 7-5-1832, buried Klin (Simon Lapikass, RC, 58 year (sic!)), young man living in Klin (1797), baptisation witness in Zubrohlava (1803..1831), listed as Simeon Lapikass in the list of inhabitants of Klin 1828,[12] married Zubrohlava RC 8-2-1797 ("hon(estus) juvenis Simon Joannis Lapikasstik, 18, de Klin, x honesta virgo Veronica Thomae Biontek, 13 (sic!), de Klin, testes Daniel senior Klinovsky et Ignatius Zvincsak (Szevcsik?)) VERON(IC)A BIONTEK, baptised RC Namestovo 12-7-1780 ("parentes Thomas et Susanna Piantek de Klin, patrini: Michael et Sophia Rigalyak"), deceased after 1834, young daughter living in Klin (1797), baptisation witness in Zubrohlava (1803..1834), daughter of Thomas Biontek (Piantek) and Susanna NN. They live in Klin (1802..1821) and are indicated as farmers (1818, 1821).

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