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Genealogy Lapikás
Generation 7
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Rumanian / Hungarian / Canadian / German branch --- LAPIKAS

7A. MICHAEL LAPIKAS, born 1949, married 1972,[1] LOUISE NN.

Could he be Michael Lapikas in Davenport (USA)?[2]

7B. NORMAND LAPIKAS, born 1960,[3] married 1o 1989 NANCY MC DONALD, married 2o 1997 CHRISTINE FOURNIER.

7C. BELA ("Buci") LAPIKAS, born Sft. Gheorghe (RO) 31-10-1945, electrotechnician, chief of the forge department in the Tractors Usine Brasov, moved in 1989 from Rumania to Germany, married 1975 NICULINA ("Nelly") OCHINATU, born 1951, operator in the Tractors Usine Brasov (RO).

7D. GABOR ("Öcsi") LAPIKAS, born Tg. Sacuesc (RO) 13-10-1953, electrotechnician in the Izolator Electric Usine at Tg. Sacuesc, moved in 1989 from Rumania to Germany, married 1978 KATALIN ("Kati") ROTH, born 1959, employee of the Izolator Electric Usine.

German / French / Dutch branch --- LAPIKAS

7E. Dr. LOUIS ("Louk") LAPIKAS, born Voorburg 26-2-1946, secretary of de Lyceistenbond Casimir (1962-1963), co-founder of the Uithoornse Mixed Hockey Club Qui Vive (1963), participant in the final of the Mathematical Olympiad Netherlands (1963), editor of the Tennismepper (1964-1965), treasurer of the Amsterdamse Vereniging van Natuurkunde Studenten (1967-1968), ab-actis of Amsterdam Debating Society Boyo (1968-1971), secretary of the IKO Personeelsraad (1972), doctorate in 1974 at the University of Amsterdam on a thesis titled Elastic electron scattering from the magnetization distributions or 9Be, 13C and 27Al, vice-president of the IKO Works Council (1975-1977), member of the FOM Works Council (1977), member (1993) and secretary (1994-1995) of the Participation Council of the OBS P.C. Hooft in Muiden, nuclear physicist at the National Institute for Subatomic Physics, Amsterdam, scientific workgroup leader (1990-1998), senior researcher (1998-2008), editor (in chief) of the Nikhef Annual Report (2001-2014), married Abcoude (NL) 19-12-1975 MATHILDA ELISABETH ("Thil") VAN SCHOTHORST [10], born Enschede 26-1-1946, nurse in Amserdam (1971-1973), district nurse in Naarden (1976-1977) and Muiden (1977-1978), teacher Social Health in IJmuiden (1983-1984), studied paedagogy (1984-1990), private nurse in Muiden (1990-2011), daughter of Drs. Hendrik Karel van Schothorst, specialist for internal diseases and Aagje Antonia Reinders[11], nurse.

7F. Drs. JOHANNES JACOBUS LAPIKAS, born Den Haag 2-10-1949, studied physics and mathematics in Amsterdam, systems programmer, at BSO in Utrecht (..-1984), at PECOMA in Amsterdam (1985-1987), independent informatician (1987-..), married Uithoorn (NL) 29-9-1978 WINNE ARIANNE SLAGT (BN), born Djakarta (I) 31-10-1949, nurse in Amsterdam, district nurse in Uithoorn (1977-1980) and Harmelen (1981-..), nurse in Harmelen, daughter of Johan Slagt, director, and Suzanne Jeannette Berg.

USA branch I --- LAPEKAS

7G. STEPHEN ("Steve") JOHN LAPEKAS (JR), born 7-7-1941. TWA pilot, married 1o (marriage dissolved by divorce 12-11-1980[18]) LOIS JUNKO OYAMA, born Stockton (CA) 12-9-1941, graduated at East Stroudsburg University (M.Ed. in Special Education/Supervisor's Certificate), teacher,[19] married 2o SANDRA PHILLIPS.

Cover of Life magazine March 1958, showing Stephen John Lapekas (1941).
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Stephen Lapekas appeared in Life March 1958 in an article criticizing the American school system [20]
"When the Russians launched Sputnik, the first man-made satellite to circle the globe, the schools' critics took the event as proof that they had been right. The schools were failing. Sputnik went up in October 1957, by the following spring Life magazine had readied a five-part series, Crisis in Education. The cover of the March 24, 1958, edition showed two students: a stern-looking Alexei Kutzkov in Moscow and a Kutzkov conducting complex experiments in physics and chemistry and reading relaxed, smiling Stephen Lapekas in Chicago. Inside, photographs showed Sister Carrie out loud in English class. Lapekas was depicted walking hand in hand with his girlfriend and rehearsing for a musical. In the one American classroom picture, Lapekas retreats from a math problem on the blackboard, laughing along with his classmates. The caption explains that "Stephen amused the class with wisecracks about his ineptitude."

7H. STANLEY JOSEPH LAPEKAS, born 10-4-1946, graduated (B.Sc.) at American University, Administration of Justice (1973), graduated as Special Agent at FBI Academy (1974), FBI agent, works for the state of Virginia, Executive Secretary (Director) of the Virginia Charitable Gaming Commission (2000-2003), Regional Director of Hunton & Williams LLP, Richmond VA, Law Firms & Legal Services (2006),[26] [27] married 1o (marriage dissolved by divorce) GAYLE M. PALMLUND, born Illinois 10-6-1947, deceased Jan. 1992, daughter of Donovan Palmlund and Evelyn Johnson,[28] married 2o CARY CARTER FINNEGAN, born 5-9-1956, real estate agent in Charlottesville (2006),[29] daughter of Herbert A. Finnegan (Jr.) and Lucy Page Cole.[30]

7I. EDWARD ("Ed") A. LAPEKAS (JR), born Battle Creek (MI) 16-4-1943, deceased Sarasota (FL) 1-12-2017, employed by Continental Can Company where he served in various strategy, planning, operating and marketing capacities (1971-1991),[44] chairman of the board of Thomassen Drijver Verblifa (NL) (1990-1996),[45] deputy Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Schmalbach-Lubeca AG, employed by American National Can Group, Inc., last serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (1996-2000), Executive Chairman of Packtion Corporation, an e-commerce packaging venture (2000-2001), Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Nexpak Corporation (2002-2003), interim Chief Executive Officer (2003) and Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Pliant Corporation (2003-..), directors of Silgan Holdings Inc. (2001-..), [46] lives in Barrington (IL, USA) (1999), Walloon Lake (MI) and Longboat Key (FL) (2009), married 1-7-1967 DANA LILLIE, daughter of Dr. Walter I. Lillie and Gitzene Rice Myers.

Coninental Can News :
Tuesday October 1 10:42 AM EDT
Lapekas To Head Pechiney's Worldwide Beverage Operations
NEW YORK, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Pechiney announced today that Edward A. Lapekas has been elected Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Beverage Worldwide. In this capacity, he oversees beverage can making operations in Europe and Asia, North America, South America and Central America. Pechiney is the world's largest manufacturer of beverage cans, sales of Pechiney's worldwide beverage operations were FF 12.8 billion (approximately $2.6 billion) in 1995.
Lapekas, 53, joined the company in May, 1996 as Senior Vice President, Beverage Cans Americas. Prior to that, he had served as Vice Chairman of Schmalbach-Lubeca A.G. and Continental Can Europe, majority-owned subsidiaries of VIAG A.G. VIAG is a diversified manufacturer of metal, and plastic packaging. Lapekas, a 28-year packaging industry veteran, has managed can, PET and diversified plastics operations in Western and Eastern Europe, and led joint ventures into Europe, India and the Far East.
He graduated with a business administration degree from Albion College in Albion, Mich. and M.B.A. in marketing from Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich.

OBITUARY - Edward Andrew Lapekas Jr. ---- Source: Herald Tribune from Dec. 5 to Dec. 6, 2017[47]

Edward Andrew Lapekas, Jr., was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, on April 16, 1943, to Elizabeth Yaw Lapekas and Edward Andrew Lapekas. Ed succumbed to cancer on December 1, 2017, in Sarasota, Florida, with Dana (Lillie) Lapekas, his wife of fifty years, and children, Anne Hill and Mark Lapekas, by his side. As was his way, he met the challenge of a cancer diagnosis and all that accompanies it with grace and dignity, while never losing his sense of humor or bypassing a chance to laugh and to savor the joys of family and life itself, large or small.
Dana and Ed divided their time seasonally between their homes on Walloon Lake in northern Michigan and in Longboat Key, Florida. Anne lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband, Jeff. She has three boys, William, Peter, and Nicholas Humble, and is step-mother to Connor and Julianna Hill. Mark lives in Chicago, Illinois, with his wife, Carolina and their two boys, Edward and Gabriel.
Ed's grandchildren gave him endless joy. He was and will always be a role model for them as a wonderful, devoted, husband, father, and grandfather and an all-around great human being, gentle but persistent in message. He was admired and valued as a sibling (to Jim, Ron, and Nancy and their families), an in-law ( Patty and Vickie), friend, neighbor, businessman, board member, golf companion, and more. Ed earned a BA from Albion College and an MBA from Wayne State University. He was drafted into the US Army in 1969, the day his daughter, Anne, was born. He was commissioned as an Artillery Officer after finishing Officer Candidate School and served one year in Viet Nam. He was awarded the Bronze Star.
During the course of their fifty-year marriage, Ed and Dana moved over twenty-five times and lived in many American cities, as well as in London, England and the Netherlands. As a result, they have a network of friends worldwide.
Professionally, Ed served in various roles in the packaging industry throughout his long career, culminating as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at American National Can until he retired in July of 2000. Ed has served on several boards and was currently a director of Silgan Holdings, Inc. This is his own brief list of his professional achievements. It is modest, as he was, and doesn't do justice to his stature among his peers and to his many achievements in the business world.
He served as President of the Walloon Lake Country Club, President of the Walloon Lake Association, and Vice-president of the Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy. He was also a member of Longboat Key Club and Bird Key Yacht Club.
Ed's family knows his passions: grandchildren, family, collecting, Asian cooking, boating, and golf. He was also a serious gardener, as well as being a reader, a thinker, an observer, and an honest and valued resource to many.
Ed will be missed in the flesh but never forgotten in spirit. He exuded class but also humanity, generosity, and decency. A memorial in celebration of his life will be held in early summer on Walloon Lake, a place he so loved and worked to maintain its long-time viability as a place of pure and natural beauty. He will live on in all of us who knew him.
That said, these are the donations Ed chose, should you wish to honor his life in this way: The Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy, The Salvation Army, A philanthropy of your choice.

7J. RONALD CHARLES LAPEKAS, born 28-4-1944, attorney, married San Francisco 27-3-1982 SUSAN RHEA CANNON, born 1946/47, business consultant and adjunct professor of marketing at colleges in Knoxville (2010).[48] They live in Pasadena (1996, 1999), Arcadia (2000), Knoxville (TN) (2010).

7K. JAMES MICHAEL ("Jim") LAPEKAS, born 13-2-1947, lives in Oneida (1974), chiropractor, had a private practice in Rhinelander, WI from 1980 to 1992, when he moved to Suva, Fiji Islands and practiced there until 1995. Returning to Wisconsin in 1995, he practiced at Middleton Chiropractic Clinic until December 2001, when he started his own practice again. He married 1o Rhinelander Oneida (WI, USA) 17-6-1974 (marriage dissolved by divorce 1991),[53] DAWN FRIES, born 1953/54, lives in Rhinelander (2010), married 2o Clark, Nevada 14-2-1997,[54] LIE H. ("Lia") TAITO, citizen of Rotuma, Fiji. From his first marriage no children.

7L. THEODORE TONY ("Ted") LAPEKAS, born Decatur (MI) 30-12-1953, produced the "Herald's Herald" at Decatur High School, frequent writer of Letters to the Editor in the Decatur Republican, after which he was asked to write a weekly column "It's a Wonderful Town" about the people and events of Decatur, was in painting and construction business, owned the Main St. Discount (in the same building as his fathers's), salesman,[56] estimator with Tichenor Incorporated, a Battle Creek roofing company (2004),[57] married 11-6-1977 (marriage dissolved by divorce 1998),[58] MARYANN RIGONI, born Chicago (IL) 10-12-1955, psychologist, daughter of Dino Rigoni, farmer, and Louise De Rossi.

7M. JON JOSEPH ("Joe") LAPEKAS, born Decatur (MI) 24-8-1956, owner and president of Grand Traverse Auto Salvage in Traverse City, (MI, USA) (..-1999),[61] sells truck side advertising (2003),[62] president of TruckSkin, LLC, in Traverse City, MI (2006),[63] married 3-4-1981,[64] ELLEN MARIE LUGTEN, born 19-8-1956, secretary at Grand Traverse Conservation District (2003),[65] daughter of Harvey Jay Lugten and Marie Klomparens.

"Ellen is a native of the Grand Rapids area and graduated from Davenport University with an Associates Degree in Business Management. She and her husband have owned and operated two businesses, one of which took them to South Texas for 14 years. She continues her education at Northwestern Michigan University and enjoys sailing, hiking, gardening, basket-making and being with her family." [66]

7N. GARY EDWARD LAPEKAS, born Battle Creek (MI) 27-2-1953, married DEBORAH KAY COATES.

7O. STANLEY ROBERT LAPEKAS, born Battle Creek (MI) 9-7-1955, married (marriage dissolved by divorce) ROBIN JO LEVONDOSKY, born 3-1-1954.

7P. LARRY W. LAPEKAS, born 1943/44, deceased (Nevada, USA) 6-12-2000, had a furniture business in Plainwell (MI) (1997),[74] "died in an accident when he was working in Nevada where he had moved about 1998. He worked in maintenance at a golf course and was riding on the back of some equipment when the driver made a sudden turn throwing him off on his head on the cement. He was air-lifted to Las Vegas but died enroute."[75] married SHARRY NN, lives in St. Petersburg, FL (2006).

7Q. KENNETH ("Kenny") M. LAPEKAS,[77] married DOLORES (DEE) HILTON, born Kalamazoo, studied at Nazareth College in Kalamazoo, received a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University (1996), teacher at East Elementary Comstock Public Schools, then first grade teacher, instructional leader for Language Arts Curriculum, grade group leader at Comstock North Elementary in Comstock, (MI),[78] principal at Gull Road Elementary (2006), school principal at Galesburg Augusta Community Schools (2006),[79] dr. of Burl Hilton and Pauline Nutter.[80]

USA branch I --- LAPEKES

7QQ. TERRY LAPEKES, born before about 1965, married before about 1990 CAROL BUSH, daughter of Lester Bush and Pearl A. Rynbrandt.

7R. DENNIS LOYD LAPEKES, born before about 1955, married before 1978 MERCEDES ("Dee") NN. They live in Byron Center (2008).

7RR. STEVEN LOUIS LAPEKES/LAPEKAS, born 29-6-1946, married 1o before 1972 NANCY NN, married 2o MARLENE NN.

7RRR. LARRY D. LAPEKES, born 15-10-1957, deceased Wayland 5-4-2009, lives in Wayland, Michigan (1998, 2009), married TERRI NN.
OBITUARY - Larry D. Lapekes ---- Source: Grand Rapids Press 7-4-2009
LAPEKES - Larry D. Lapekes, age 51, of Wayland, passed away at home following complications from Crohns Disease on Sunday, April 5, 2009. Surviving is his wife, Terri, two daughters, Jennifer (Justin) VandenBurg, Tera (Ryan) Olds, granddaughter, Taylor, his parents, Roman and Martha Lapekes, siblings, Lori Garceau, Lisa (Dan) Johnson, Lorraine Lapekes and friend, Aaik, a niece, Shaunna Lawrence, a grand-nephew, Aiden Davis, and many aunts, uncles and cousins. Funeral Service will be held 11:00 a.m. Thursday at the funeral home with Pastor Adam Barr of the Corinth Reformed Church officiating. Interment in Hill Cemetery. Memorials may be made to Charity of Your Choice. The family will greet relatives and friends 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. Arrangements by: Archer, Hampel & Kubiak Wayland Chapel 269-792-2237.

USA branch II --- LAPIKAS

7S. RICHARD LAPIKAS,[90] electrician, part time golddigger in California.[91]

7T. JAMES ("Jimmy") J. LAPIKAS, toolmaker, works for Accurate Machine Company in Ft. Myers, Florida (USA).

7U. JOSEPH W. LAPIKAS, toolmaker, owner of Accurate Machine Company in Ft. Myers, Florida (USA), holds apatent in machine tool making (2001),[94] married Lee, Florida 29-12-1990,[95] RENEE NN, born 1967/68, runs in the 1998 Florida Gulf Coast University Miromar Outlets Annual Scholarship Run,[96] runs in the 24th Edison Festival of Light 5K Ft. Myers, FL, February 16, 2002.[97]

7V. JEFFREY JOHN ("Jeff") LAPIKAS, born 1969, married DEENA J. HAAS, born 1970, daughter of Robert Haas and Sharon Peeples.

Present at the Kiss Concert July 1996 Chicago:
"And then there were Deena and Jeff Lapikas of Joliet, who also arrived via limo. Both were in full demon-style paint, both wiggled their tongues at the camera, also like the demon. As far as their story goes, he's been a fan for 15 years, she for just three - ever since their marriage. How sweet!"[100]

Slovakian / USA branch --- LAPIKAS

7W. MILAN LAPIKAS, born Valaska (SK) 5-12-1935, deceased Tomasovce 6-9-2010[102], engineer and production manager of the Furniture Factory of Topolcany in Lucenec (1983),[103] retired furniture producer, lived in Tomasovce (2010), married 24-7-1965,[104] MARI(K)A GALADOVA, born 8-6-1939, lives in Tomasovce (2013).

7X. WILLIAM ("Bill") J. LAPIKAS, born Sharon 15-3-1940, deceased Pitssburgh (USA) 6-10-2001, worked at Sharon Steel Corp., retired there, and then worked in the maintenance department of Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks Lodge 103 in Sharon, and then at Shenango Valley Community Library in Sharon, married 25-7-1959,[107] MARGARET ("Peg") SEECH, born Sharon 20-3-1941, deceased Mercer, Mercer, Pennsylvania 6-1-2008, custodian at Hermitage School District (1977-2004) lived in Sharon (2001), Mercer (2008), dr. of John Seech and Anna Mudrey.
OBITUARY - William J. Lapikas ---- Source: The Herald, Sharon, PA, 8-10-2001.[108]
Sharon Steel retiree worked for Elks, library in Sharon
William "Bill" J. Lapikas, 910 Waverly Ave. in Hermitage, passed away at 7:30 p.m. Saturday (10-6-01) in Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh, of heart failure. He was 61. A lifelong area resident, Mr. Lapikas was born March 15, 1940, in Sharon, a son of Dominic Lapikas and Elizabeth (Betty) Kuhn. Due to his mother's untimely death, he was raised by his grandparents, Josephine and Simon Lapikas. Mr. Lapikas attended Sharpsville schools. He retired after 28 years of service in the 60-inch Cold Roll Department of the former Sharon Steel Corp.'s Farrell plant, and later worked in the maintenance department of Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks Lodge 103 in Sharon. Most recently, Mr. Lapikas was employed by Shenango Valley Community Library in Sharon. He was an active member of the Elks Lodge 103, where he served as a tiler, and belonged to the Italian Home Club in Farrell. Mr. Lapikas was fond of animals and especially loved his cats. His wife, the former Margaret "Peg" Seech, whom he married July 25, 1959, survives at home. He is also survived by: two daughters, Christine E. Davis and her husband Randy, Lowell, Ind., and Cindy A. Stefanak, Farrell, and her companion, Chuck Farley, and one son, Ken J. Lapikas and his wife Pauline, Jefferson Township. Mr. Lapikas also leaves four grandchildren, Nicole and Andrew Lapikas, and Jacqulyn and Jessica Davis. He was preceded in death by his parents. Memorial contributions may be made to the Mercer County Chapter of the American Red Cross, 247 S. Oakland Ave., or Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks Lodge 103, both Sharon 16146.
LAPIKAS William "Bill" J., 61, of 910 Waverly Ave., Hermitage.
Calling hours: 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday (10-9-01) in J. BRADLEY McGONIGLE FUNERAL HOME Inc., 1090 E. State St., Sharon. Memorial service at 7 p.m. by Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks Lodge 103, Sharon. Friends may also e-mail condolences to Service: Funeral service at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday (10-10-01) in the funeral home chapel, with the Rev. William Calabrese, parochial vicar of St. Joseph's Church, Sharon, officiating. Interment: St. Mary's Cemetery, Hermitage.

OBITUARY - Margaret L. Lapikas ---- Source: The Herald, Sharon, PA, 8-1-2008.[109]
Margaret 'Peggy' L. Lapikas
Sharon High grad retired from Hermitage schools
Margaret 'Peggy' L. Lapikas of 7229 W. Market St., Mercer, formerly of Waverly Street in the Patagonia neighborhood of Hermitage, passed away at 8:05 p.m. Sunday (1-6-08) after an extended illness. She was 66. Mrs. Lapikas was born Thursday, March 20, 1941, in Sharon, a daughter of John Seech and Anna Mudrey. She graduated from Sharon High School in 1959. Peggy retired in 2004 from Hermitage School District, where she loved interacting with the kids and her job as a custodian for 27 years. She was a past member of Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks Lodge 103, Sharon. Peggy had a great love for cats and enjoyed shopping and collecting Beanie Babies. Her husband, William 'Bill' Lapikas, whom she married July 25, 1959, died Oct. 6, 2001. She is survived by: two daughters, Cynthia A. Farley and her husband Charles, Farrell, and Christine E. Davis and her husband Randy, Lowell, Ind., a son, Kenneth J. Lapikas and his wife Pauline, Jefferson Township, and four grandchildren, Andrew and Nicole Lapikas, and twins, Jessica and Jacqulyn Davis. Peggy was preceded in death by her parents and a sister, Elizabeth 'Betty Ann' Marcello. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Humane Society of Mercer County, 3005 E. State St., Sharon 16146, or to the American Diabetes Association, 300 Penn Center Blvd., Suite 700, Pittsburgh 15235.
LAPIKAS Mrs. William 'Bill' (Margaret 'Peggy' L.), 66, of 7229 W. Market St., Mercer. Calling hours: 3 to 7 p.m. Thursday (1-10-08) in J. BRADLEY McGONIGLE FUNERAL HOME and CREMATORY Inc., 1090 E. State St., Sharon. Friends may e-mail condolences to Service: Funeral service at 10 a.m. Friday (1-11-08) in the funeral home chapel with the Rev. Gary A. Minich, pastor of Grand Valley Baptist Church, Rome, Ohio, officiating. Interment: St. Mary's Cemetery, Hermitage.

Margaret ("Peg") Seech (1941-2008).
Source: The Herald, Sharon, PA.

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7Y. THOMAS S. LAPIKAS, born Sharon (PA, USA) 1942, holds patents in transportation techniques (1976, 1977),[111] married Sharon (PA, USA) ,[112] [113] VICTORIA DRAPP, born geb 1943/44. They live in Hermitage (2016).

7Z. DANIEL J. LAPIKAS, born Sharon (PA, USA) 27-5-1943, deceased 22-6-2016 owner of the restaurant "Danny's Country Inn" in Sharpsville (PA, USA), married 1o Sharon (PA, USA)[116] NANCY GRAY, married 2o [117] DORIS GAYLE FISHER (DROLSBAUGH),[118] daughter of H. Ralph Fisher and Phyllis Jane Thomas.
OBITUARY - Daniel J. Lapikas ---- Source: The Sharon Herald [119]

Daniel "Danny" J. Lapikas of South Pymatuning Township, passed away at 6 a.m. Wednesday, June 22, 2016, in UPMC Hamot, Erie, with his wife at his side. He was 73. Danny was born May 27, 1943, in Sharon, a son of Stephen and Antoinette (Ferrara) Lapikas.
He was raised in Sharpsville, a town he dearly loved, and was a 1961 alumnus of Sharpsville High School. Following his graduation, he was employed by Reyers Shoe Store in Sharon and later worked for Sharon Steel's former Farrell plant and the former General American Transportation Corp., GATX plant, Masury. Danny was the public works director for the borough of Sharpsville for 15 years and served as a borough councilman. He purchased the Wooden Nickel on Main Street in the early 1980s and renamed the establishment Danny's. He later relocated to High Street, where he and his wife, Doris, owned and operated Danny's Country Inn until August of 2005, when the business was sold. They also owned Danny's Too in Greenville for 10 years before selling in February of 2007. Danny was a former member of St. Bartholomew Church, Sharpsville, and Knights of Columbus Joseph J. Fitzmartin Council 1446, Greenville.
A 32nd degree Mason, he was a member of Free and Accepted Masons Lodge 810, Hermitage. Zem Zem Shrine, Erie, and Scottish Rite's New Castle Consistory. An outdoorsman, he was an avid hunter, fisherman and golfer. He was a member and director of the former Sharon Country Club and a member of the former Greenville Country Club. He participated in, and won, many golf tournaments and had two holes-in-one throughout his career.
Danny was a dynamic individual who worked tirelessly behind the scenes for many social and civic organizations in the community and was always willing to help a worthy cause. He was founder of the Strimbu Gun Raffle and served on the Strimbu Memorial Fund's board of directors. He was a major supporter of Sharpsville athletics and sponsored numerous golf, bowling, softball and baseball teams. He also sponsored a racecar for Ruffo Motorsports for many years.
He was recognized as an honorary member by the Mercer County Hall of Fame for his many contributions to local athletics. Danny hosted two NFL fundraisers at his home to support a child in need, and his unwavering support for many other causes raised thousands of dollars during his lifetime.

Surviving are: his loving wife of more than 30 years, Doris (Fisher) Lapikas, at home, a son, David J. Lapikas, Hermitage, and two grandchildren whom he adored, Daniel Philip Lapikas and Noah David Lapikas. He also leaves: a brother, Thomas Lapikas and his wife Vicki, Hermitage, two sisters-in-law, Karen Bell and her husband Gary, Bowling Green, Ohio, and Patricia Caughman and her husband Jim, Houston, Texas, an uncle, Miles Lapikas and his wife Connie, South Pymatuning Township, several cousins, nieces and nephews, and two beautiful dogs, Lucky and Lady. Danny was preceded in death by: his parents, a sister, Mary Lynn Cole, his father- and mother-in-law, Ralph and Phyllis Fisher, and a brother-in-law, Larry Fisher.
Although Danny's passing will leave a void in the community and hearts of many, his numerous acts of kindness will continue to help those in need for many years to come. Well done, Danny Boy. May you rest in peace. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions be made to the Lapikas Family Charitable Foundation, in care of Community Foundation of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, 7 W. State St., Suite 301, Sharon, PA 16146.

7AA. PAUL LAPIKAS, born 13-8-1948, lives in Massillon (OH) (2001), married before 1971 (marriage dissolved by divorce?) NANCY J. REAM, born Massillon 29-10-1952, deceased Massillon 19-11-2005, dr. of William Ream and Jean NN. She remarried 1985 Roger L. Merry.
OBITUARY - Nancy J. Merry ---- Source: Ref. [120]
Nancy J. Merry, age 53, of Beach City, passed away unexpectedly, Saturday, November 19, 2005 at Massillon Community Hospital. She was born on October 29, 1952 in Massillon to the late William and Jean Ream. Nancy had been a resident of Beach City for 20 years. She was a member of St. Therese Catholic Church in Brewster. She was a loving wife, mother, sister, daughter and grandmother. She will be remembered as always a putting others before herself. Along with her parents, she is preceded in death by brother, Richard Ream. She is survived by husband, Roger L. Merry, whom she married on August 17, 1985, sons, Paul Lapikas of Beach City, Brian (Karie) Lapikas of Massillon, Joseph (Renee) Ream of Strasburg, daughters, Allison Merry of Beach City, Melissa Merry of Beach City, brothers, David (Nan) Ream of San Rosa Beach, FL, Michael (Kim) Ream of Massillon, sister, Carol (Ric) Deitsch of Massillon, half-brother, Thomas Dailey of Massillon, half-sister, Cecelia McCord of WV, eight grandchildren, many nieces and nephews. Mass of Christian Burial will be at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, November 23 at St. Therese Catholic Church in Brewster. Calling hours will be held at the Paquelet Funeral Home in Massillon on Tuesday, November 22 from 6-8 p.m. and Wednesday form 9:30 - 10:15 at the funeral home. Fr. Robert Kaylor of St. Therese Catholic Church will be officiating. Burial will be at St. Clements Cemetery in Navarre. Family suggest donation be made to St. Therese Catholic Church in Nancy's name.

7BB. RICHARD L. LAPIKAS, born Massillon (OH, USA) 19-8-1953,[123] lives in Massillon (OH) (2001), married Massillon (OH, USA) 27-6-1981,[124] [125] KATHY SPENCER, daughter of Paige E. Spencer and Mary Ellen Barnett.

7CC. GERALD ("Jerry") J. LAPIKAS, born Sharpsville (PA, USA) 6-11-1949, deceased Youngstown 7-9-2012, married New Castle (PA, USA) 28-10-1978 MARY LYNN ROSSMAN.
OBITUARY - Gerald J. Lapikas ---- Source: The Sharon Herald, 11-9-2012 [128]

YOUNGSTOWN-- Gerald J. Lapikas of Youngstown, Gerry to many and "Burr" to most, passed away at 10:01 p.m. Friday, Sept. 7, 2012, in St. Elizabeth Health Center, Youngstown. He was 62. Mr. Lapikas was born Nov. 6, 1949, in Sharpsville, a son of Miles and Connie Lichvar Lapikas. Gerry retired from the Borough of Sharpsville Water Department, where he was the past union president, and was also a consultant for West Farmington (Ohio) Water. He was a member of St. Rose Church in Girard, Ohio. Gerry was an avid outdoorsman and enjoyed hunting and fishing, finding great joy and peace on the water. His friends and family shared this passion with him. He held a charter boat captain's license, creating many memories of relaxing peaceful time on the water. Another part of his life that gave him great satisfaction was his garden. Learning from his father, he raised vegetables and flowers that were admired by many. Gerry's love for baseball was shared with his son, Mark. Along with passionately following his son's baseball accomplishments, he enjoyed creating opportunities for other young athletes and traveled to Cooperstown, N.Y., and Omaha, Neb., coaching and mentoring every step of the way. Amongst his most cherished memories are the games at Bob Cene Park, Struthers, Ohio. Gerry is survived by his wife, Mary Lynn Rossman Lapikas, whom he married Oct. 28, 1978, a son, Mark A. Lapikas, Youngstown, his parents, Miles and Connie Lapikas, Sharpsville, and two brothers, John A. Lapikas and his wife Linda, Stewart, Fla., and Ron Lapikas and his wife Silvia, Jupiter, Fla.
Calling hours: Gerry's family received family and friends from 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday (9-11-12) in McCLURKIN FUNERAL HOME, 222 S. State St., Girard, Ohio. Service: Funeral Mass at 10 a.m. today (9-12-12) in St. Rose Church, Girard, with prayers at 9:30 a.m. in the funeral home prior to his church Mass.

7DD. JOHN ALLEN LAPIKAS, born Sharon (PA, USA) 30-3-1952,[130] [131] golf course manager (1985-..) at Annandale Golf Course in Madison (MS),[132] at Mariner Sands Golf Club in Stewart, FL (2002),[133] married 1o MARY JANE NN, married 2o Palm Beach 29-8-1980,[134] LINDA BEACH.

7EE. RONALD MILES LAPIKAS, born 17-7-1957, married Palm Beach 8-8-1987 SILVIA MUELLER. They live in Jupiter (FL, USA) (2005, 2012).

7FF. JAMES SIMON ("Jim") LAPIKAS, born Sharon (PA, USA) 17-6-1954,[141] [142] director of research and development of Pyramid Operating Systems Inc., which he founded in 1988 together with Gene Kirila,[143] director of VEC Mold Design (2001), holds some patents in mechanical and molding techniques (1992, 1993, 1995),[144] married Sharpsville (PA, USA) 3-7-1976 PATRICIA N. HIPKINS.

Jim writes :[145]
"Me, I'm a plastic man.
I made my living in fiberglass or now thay say composites. I owned a composite shop of a 100 plus people. We build PWC's,boat halls, motor covers from van tops to sinks. You name it I think we made it. I love fast boats and the water. My wife and I enjoy fighting and camping. We love boating and drinking beer with our friends. Hey what else do you do around a camp fire or standing in the water. I never grew up,I just look old."

7GG. MICHAEL ("Mike") W. LAPIKAS, born Sharon (PA, USA) 5-2-1960,[147] married 5-5-1991 DONNA MARSH.

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