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Genealogy Lapikás
- Index Letter M -
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L. Lapikás,
Genealogy Lapikás,
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Muiden, UTC.
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Genealogy Lapikás Index Letter M ( 48 names)
   1x        ma,   
   7x        marcello, elizabeth betty ann  
   5d        marchal, louise ida  
   5d        marechal, antoine d  
   5d        marechal, louise ida  
   3d        maria,   
   5e        mark, julia  
   5e        mark, vilmos  
   7gg       marsh, donna  
   4a        marton, johannes  
   6n        matheson, susan  
   2c        mathias,   
   4c        matula, rosalia  
   2y        maycher, joannes  
   5m        mccleary, mildred a  
   5m        mccleary, roy  
   6i        mcmundy, becky  
   6i        mcmundy, nn  
   5k        melchert, tammy and otis  
   7aa       merry, nancy j  
   6j        merry, roger l  
   7aa       merry, roger l  
   1c        metskovtsik, catharina  
   1c        metskovtsik, mathias  
   6m        meyer, albert  
   6m        meyer, betty may  
   6m        meyer, emma  
   5i        migra, elisabeta  
   5i        mihalyak, vilma  
   5i        mihalyak, wilma paulina  
   5j        miklik, anna  
   5j        miklik, john  
   4c        miklosricza, veronica  
   7rr       miller, duane  
   2x        molia, sophia  
   2y        molya, andreas  
   2x        molya, helena  
   2y        molya, maria  
   2y        molya, paulus  
   7r        moore, laura endicott  
   7r        moore, melzah  
   1c        motko, josephus  
   1c        motko, michaele  
   2y        mroczek, thomas  
   7x        mudrey, anna  
   5i        mueller, nn  
   7ee       mueller, silvia  
   6ii       murphey, earl  

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