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Genealogy Lapikás
- Index Letter H -
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L. Lapikás,
Genealogy Lapikás,
version 10.1,
Muiden, UTC.
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Genealogy Lapikás Index Letter H ( 34 names)
   3d        habcan, maria  
   5m        hagerbome, bill  
   1z        haler, joannes  
   1z        haler, mathias  
   1a        hamuljak, martinus  
   2a        hamuljak, martinus  
   1a        hamulyak, maria  
   2c        hamulyak, maria  
   1a        hamulyak, martinus  
   2c        hanay, helena  
   2c        hanay, josephus  
   2c        hanay, lucas  
   2c        hanay, maria  
   2c        hanay, rosalia  
   2c        hanay, veronica  
   6m        harley, chad  
   6m        harley, nn  
   5k        harper, valerie and craig  
   8b        heading, pauline  
   5a        hegedus, kristina  
   5a        hegedus, sandor  
   2x        heretik, josephus  
   2y        heretik, josephus  
   2x        heretik, matthiaas  
   2e        hesitik, ignatius  
   7q        hilton, burl  
   7q        hilton, dolores  
   7ff       hipkins, patricia n  
   6f        holzweisig, franziska  
   5i        hortenbach, robert  
   8f        houck, tracey l  
   3e        hrabscak, joseph  
   5k        hughes, christy and eric  
   7h        humble, steve  

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