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PDP-CT Experimental Services Page If they break, you get to hold the pieces!
PDP Strategy Page The PDP strategy - as we established the revised strategy of the group in 2014
PDP Strategy Vista30 process Page The PDP strategy Vista30 process we review the PDP strategy and put new goals for the 2030/2035+ era
Nikhef Computing Courses: Research Data Management and software sustainability Post The research data management, software sustainability, and data management source takes place again the day after the Topical Lectures
CT-PDP Office Hours, every first Thursday of the month Post The next CT-PDP office hours for computing-related questions takes place November 2nd at 13:00 CEST in Nikhef Amsterdam, Atrium
CVMFS Workshop and GBD in Amsterdam Post The next CernVM Users Workshop will be held from 12 to 14 September 2022 at Nikhef, Amsterdam. The workshop will be co-hosted with the GDB on 14 September.
A new documentation site Post A new NDPF and PDP documentation site launched