A new NDPF and PDP documentation site launched

Stale information accrues on a web site over the years, and after more than 20 years of scalable distributed computing at Nikhef, the visible web presence became ard to maintain. A new structure and design will help …

Cool URIs don’t change

… but of course we know that Cool URIs don’t change. So we try to keep it cool, and most links working. In fact, where possible we will retain all the old links and just put a new manageable structure on top.

Collaboration through CI/CD and Gitlab

The new system is based on a static site generator, evolving from first server-side includes, then a bespoke php-based page generator. Static site generators are fast, and by combining them with code management systems and CI/CD from out gitlan instance, it can be edited collaboratively in an easy way. And we keep the provenance of all changes and data - a good research data management practice.

Let us know what you think, and - for the folk at Nikhef - feel free to contribute!