‘FuSE: Fundamental Sciences E-infrastructure’ brings together Nikhef, the Dutch institute for subatomic physics) and ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio-Astronomy), with SURF), the national e-Infrastructure provider, to build and operate a nationwide e-Infrastructure. This e-Infrastructure will serve the most data-intensive and demanding Research Infrastructures on the National Roadmap: the LHC experiments ATLAS, LHCb, and ALICE at CERN (in high-energy physics), the Square Kilometre Array (SKA, radio astronomy) and KM3NeT (neutrino astrophysics) and will thereby strengthen the already unique position of The Netherlands in providing joint e-Infrastructure facilities.

The FuSE project was awarded in full in April 2020 by the Dutch Ministry of Education and Research. We are also grateful for the contribution that SURF, the cooperative association of Dutch educational and research institutions, has put into FuSE to make it an integral part of the Dutch National e-Infrastructure that it coordinates.

Both ASTRON and Nikhef shared the news in press releases: