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Genealogy Lapikás
- Index Letter T -
Refer to these data as:
L. Lapikás,
Genealogy Lapikás,
version 10.1,
Muiden, UTC.
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Genealogy Lapikás Index Letter T ( 51 names)
   7k        taito, lie h  
   5d        talbot, jocelyne  
   5e        tamas, xenia  
   5k        telfor, betty  
   5k        telfor, connie  
   5k        telfor, dana and lori  
   5k        telfor, danne and sharon  
   5k        telfor, danny  
   5k        telfor, danny and sharon  
   5k        telfor, don  
   5k        telfor, don and lillian lapekes  
   5k        telfor, donald  
   5k        telfor, donald and lillian lapekes  
   5k        telfor, donna  
   5k        telfor, gary  
   5k        telfor, gary and roxanne  
   5k        telfor, harold joseph  
   5k        telfor, harry and joanne  
   5k        telfor, harry h  
   5k        telfor, harry h chum  
   5k        telfor, joe  
   5k        telfor, john  
   5k        telfor, josephine  
   5k        telfor, ray and linda  
   5k        telfor, raymond  
   5k        thayer, tracey and art  
   7f        thiele, emma charmaine arianne  
   7f        thiele, laurens  
   7f        thiele, sara lynn  
   5k        tiffany, steven r  
   5k        tiffany, terri  
   5i        timms, barbara  
   5i        timms, bruce  
   5i        timms, fred  
   5i        timms, janet  
   5i        timms, robert fredrick  
   5k        todd, jim  
   2b        tomansok, veronika  
   2b        tomarovszki, erzsebet  
   2b        tomaschko, janos  
   2b        tomasovszki, josef  
   2b        tomasovszki, jozsef  
   2b        tomasovszky, andras  
   4f        tomunyak, carolus  
   1c        tot, anna  
   5a        toth, tr agnes  
   6h        tousley, sila g  
   1a        trassta, auvea  
   1a        trassta, mathias  
   6d        trudel, therese  
   2x        tyrala, andr  

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