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Genealogy Lapikás
- Index Letter R -
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L. Lapikás,
Genealogy Lapikás,
version 10.1,
Muiden, UTC.
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Genealogy Lapikás Index Letter R ( 61 names)
   5i        rabi, michelle  
   5i        rabi, nn  
   5k        raimer, estella  
   2x        randyak, anna  
   2e        randyak, josephus  
   2e        randyak, mathias  
   2e        randyak, stephanus  
   2e        randyak, veronica  
   2e        rangyak, mathias  
   2y        rbvanszky, josephus  
   7aa       ream, nancy j  
   7aa       ream, william  
   5k        reeves, bambi lynn  
   5k        reeves, brad allen  
   5k        reeves, brent scott  
   5k        reeves, jack  
   5k        reeves, jack a  
   5k        reeves, josephine and jack  
   5k        reeves, josephine ann  
   5k        reeves, wendy jo  
   7e        reinders, aagje antonia  
   6e        reiszner, katalin  
   6x        reynders, dorothy  
   6x        reynders, milton  
   5d        richardson, norman  
   7l        rigoni, dino  
   7l        rigoni, maryann  
   5h        rijneveld, frens jan  
   6a        rocas, rozalia  
   6l        roddock, gwendolyn  
   4b        rogen, theresia  
   6o        rohr, adam  
   6o        rohr, austin  
   6a        rokas, ioan  
   5k        rokos, jan  
   5k        rokus, anna rose  
   5k        rokus, edward  
   7l        rossi, louise de  
   7cc       rossman, mary lynn  
   7d        roth, katalin  
   7dd       rovnak, christi a  
   5d        rozzi, bianca  
   5d        rozzi, cedric  
   5d        rozzi, christine  
   5d        rozzi, devon  
   5d        rozzi, jacques  
   5d        rozzi, jean francois  
   5d        rozzi, jenna  
   5d        rozzi, kathia  
   5d        rozzi, marino  
   5d        rozzi, martin  
   5d        rozzi, michel  
   5d        rozzi, paul  
   5d        rozzi, paulo serafino  
   5d        rozzi, peter  
   5d        rozzi, richard  
   5d        rozzi, robert  
   5a        ruprich, margit  
   5a        ruprich, vilmos  
   8d        ryan, maureen  
   7qq       rynbrandt, pearl a  

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