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Genealogy Lapikás
- Index Letter B -
Refer to these data as:
L. Lapikás,
Genealogy Lapikás,
version 10.1,
Muiden, UTC.
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Genealogy Lapikás Index Letter B ( 58 names)
   6h        backman, harry  
   6h        backman, lucy  
   6h        backman, susan  
   6ii       bailey, vickie l  
   6ii       ball, annette marie  
   2c        bardisz, joannes  
   2c        bardisz, joannis  
   1a        bardisz, josephus  
   4d        barichello, david  
   6p        barkley, sylva joan  
   1z        basetik, mathia  
   6j        bauer, lena g  
   7dd       beach, linda  
   2w        benicsak, andreas  
   2w        benicsak, rosa  
   6e        berekmery, elod  
   6e        berekmery, laszlo  
   7f        berg, suzanne jeannette  
   1x        betoncsik, mathias  
   2w        betoncsik, matthaeus  
   5h        bevaart, jannetje  
   2y        biontek, thomas  
   5c        biro, margit  
   5d        bissonnette, monique  
   2e        bjonzek, joannes  
   3d        bjonzek, joannes  
   2c        blaneta, ignat  
   5h        blankenstijn, adriana elizabeth  
   4d        blazek, johanna  
   3e        blutacek, barbara  
   6a        bodor, anna-maria  
   5d        bourgon, pricille  
   5k        bowerman, debbie  
   6a        brad, klara  
   1c        brandisz, josephus  
   5p        brasdovic, josef  
   4f        brasdovitch, josephine  
   5p        brasdovitch, josephine  
   5p        brasdovitch, william  
   5d        breard, debra  
   5d        breard, jean albert  
   5d        breard, suzanne  
   6k        brinkerhoff, dorothy  
   6z        briski, jennifer  
   6z        briski, joe  
   6z        briski, joseph  
   6z        briski, nn  
   6z        briski, paul  
   1y        bubala, mathias  
   1z        bubalaya, matthaeus  
   2y        buda, ignatius  
   7qq       bush, carol  
   7qq       bush, lester  
   5i        butkus, beverly  
   5i        butkus, edward a  
   5i        butkus, michael  
   5i        butkus, william  
   5i        butkus, wilma  

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