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My research is linked to studying the interaction of the fundamental building blocks of nature: particle physics. I focus on the search for signs of new physics at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN using the Atlas experiment.

My research during 2006-2011, on top quarks and signs of new physics, was awarded with a Vidi research grant from NWO. The members of our group were Giuseppe Salamanna, Alexander Doxiadis and Nicole Ruckstuhl.
During the last few years (2011-now) I have focussed on the Higgs boson. We studied the final state where the Higgs boson decays to 2 Z bosons that each decay into 2 leptons: the 4-lepton final state. The work of Antonio Castelli (PhD student) was to determine the best estimate of the Higgs boson's mass.
The current research focus for run2 of the LHC is on the search for new physics. This is done together with Marco van Woerden (PhD student).


Talks internal to the Atlas experiment can be found using the CERN indico server. Some of the more public talks like seminars, conference talks etc. are listed below.

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