LHC tunnel



My research is linked to studying the interaction of the fundamental building blocks of nature: particle physics. I am particularly interested in studying the properties of the Higgs boson using the data collected with the Atlas experiment at CERN. Although the ultimate goal is discovering signs of new physics, studying nature at these small scales is a fascinating adventure in itself.

Main research: natural width of the Higgs boson

My current research is related to the (indirect) measurement of the natural width of the Higgs boson by studying the details of the interference between off-shell Higgs production and the production of two Z bosons at high invarant mass. The Nikhef scientists working on this are Hella Snoek and Peter Kluit and two PhD students Birgit Stapf and Michiel Veen (who drive the effort with all their work). Wouter Waalewijn will join the effort later as a theorist.

The latest publication from the ATLAS experiment on this topic: arXiv:1808.01191

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Side-project: hydrophones and high energy neutirno's

The coming year I will also dedicate a fraction of my time to a project with PhD student Rasa Muller and Ernst Jan Buis. The goal is to work out one of the ideas of Ernst Jan to detect extremely high energy neutrinos using a novel approach. After an exploratory (master) research project on this fascinating new idea by Rasa Muller it is time to see how far we can push this.

Completed students projects in our group

There are many students, from bachelor to PhD level, who join the Nikhef ATLAS group to join in our research. An list of the projects I have been involved in during the last few years:

PhD students

There are many more research groups at Nikhef. The full list of all Nikhef PhD theses.

Master students

Bachelor students

Rosa van den Ende, Jordy Butter, Maarten Post,Mischa Reitsma, Marco van Woerden, Bardo Bakker, ... [not complete]