August 31, 2021

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Information on Particle Physics

There are web pages with information for the public available for CERN as well as for Nikhef .

CERN can be visited by the public. More information is here. Also Nikhef organises each year an "open dag".

A short explanation about CERN is given in a 3 minute movie. There is a fun web page available for young children: CERNland.

Startup of The Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

There are many clips available on YouTube clips when you search for "CERN LHC"; for example CERN and the LHC. A particular entertaining one is the Large Hadron Rap . The following 6-minute video explains how the LHC works

Particles were first sent through the LHC collider ring in August 2008. In September 2008 an accident occurred with the Helium cooling system. An explanation in a YouTube clip can be found of what went wrong with the LHC.

Injection in the ring happened on friday evening November 20, 2009. The latest news can be followed via the CERN twitter page, via the CERN youtube video's and via the LHC portal.

After 3 years of operation, the first LHC run ended and the experiment is being prepared for the upgrade to a full collision energy of 14 TeV. A dutch artikel in the magazine KIJK is here.

Information on the matter-antimatter asymmetry mystery

One of the objectives of the LHCb experiment is to precisely determine the matter-antimatter asymmetry present in interactions of elementary particles. More information can be obtained from the LHCb experiment public website. Cameras are installed that allow to take a virtual tour in the LHCb experimental area. A news item on the LHC injection test on June 6-7 2009 can be seen on this YouTube video. The latest news on the experiment can be followed via the LHCb Web news screen.

In addition the quest for antimatter is summarized in a brochure (10 Mbyte pdf-file).

The book "Angels and Demons" from Dan Brown has attracted a lot of public attention to the subject of antimatter. Together with the premiere of the movie CERN has opened a dedicated Angles and Demons web page and a bulletin.


The following links contain presentations for the public on the topics of particle physics and antimatter (in Dutch):