NIKHEF Data Processing Facility Systems

The NDPF is the collection of services that enabled high-throughput data processing at Nikhef and that supports the Dutch National e-Infrastructure. An integral part of the high-speed backbone of Nikhef and closely linked to the other institutes at the Amsterdam Science Park and SURFnet, it comprises many different functions. The NDPF is supported by Nikhef mission nd programme resources and by the Dutch National e-Infrastructure.

The most visible element of the NDPF is probably the 8000+ node compute facility, linked with 1.2Tbit to a 5 PByte high-speed distributed storage cluster running a combination of DPM and dCache. But there are also specialised systems for software development, integration testing, authentication and trust services, and network test systems.

Information on the current status is available on the NDPF Info page and on the EGI GOCDB status page (authentication required)

The Nikhef NDPF is part of the Dutch National e-Infrastructure, coordinated by SURF. It offers high-throughput platform services (grid) and infrastructure access characterised by bottle-neck free interconnects and high retrieval performance. Nikhef NDPF operates an open private peering policy for data-intensive academic institutions.

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