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NIKHEF Data Processing Facility Statistics Overview

Cluster/system Tasking Occupancy Comments
LCG2ELPROD NDPF Production Facility

  • Architecures: x86-64
  • OS: el7.x86_64 compatible (CentOS5)
  • Memory: 8 GB/core
  • Speed average: 11-15 GHzEq/core
  • VOs supported: DNI HTC - all VOs
[show occupancy graphs] Maintenance status on wiki
LCG2ELPROD NDPF High-Throughput Storage

  • System: DPM, dCache
  • Management: SRMv2
  • Transport: GridFTP, WebDAV, XROOTd
  • Network uplinks: 100 Gbps public, 240 Gbps local
  • VOs supported: DNI HTC
[show dpm usage graphs] Maintenance status on wiki
DEEL RTR NDPF Internal Network

  • System: Juniper QFX10k8, EX9200, Mellanox
  • Uplinks: SURFnet 2x100+3x10 Gbps, LHCOPN 20Gbps, SARA 100Gbps, IKAE 20Gbps, TENET 10Gbps
Cricket graphing
Stoomboot Nikhef Local Facility

  • Architecures: x86_64
  • OS: CentOS7 (EL7)
  • Memory: 4-8 GB/core
  • Speed average: 15.37 GHzEq/core
  • VOs supported: all local Nikhef groups
[show occupancy graphs] Status: see nikhef.status.io

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