Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get connected to AMS-IX?
It is a two-step approach: you have to become a member of AMS-IX first and then choose a housing location (such as Nikhef) for your equipment in order to obtain a port on one of the AMS-IX switches. We refer to for further information.

Q. Can I connect my equipment to the AMS-IX switch at Nikhef myself?
No, only Nikhef staff may connect your equipment to the AMS-IX switch at Nikhef. The cabling and connection is included in the rental fee.

Q. Can Nikhef arrange private peering on request?
Yes. We will charge you an installation fee of €340 excl. VAT for a fiber connection and 455 excl. VAT for a UTP connection. Patch requests can be entered online.

Q. How about private peering between Nikhef and the other AMS-IX colo’s at the Amsterdam Science Park?
Nikhef offers easy connectivity to Digital Realty and Equinix data centers located in the Amsterdam Science Park.

Fiber connections between the AMS-IX sites Nikhef and Digital Realty AMS9 (Science Park 121) and AMS17 (science Park 120) are managed by Digital Realty. For information please contact

Patches between the Digital Realty AMS17 fiber panel at Nikhef and the customer rack need to be requested separately by the customer by patch request. It’s not allowed for customers to carry out this patch themselves.

Fiber connections between Nikhef and the Amsterdam Science Park co-location facility of Equinix AM3 Amsterdam Science Park are managed by Equinix. For information please contact +31 20 808 0015.
Patches between the Equinix fiber panel at Nikhef and the customer rack need to be requested separately by the customer by patch request. It’s not allowed for customers to carry out this patch themselves.out this patch themselves.

Q. Can I carry out my own cabling in the Nikhef housing location?
Yes, but only during office hours and preferably announced in advance. Please report at the reception desk you plan to carry out cabling; the receptionist will then notify Nikhef staff, who will assist you in routing of the cable and provide guidelines for labeling.

Q. Can I enter the site 24 hours a day?
Yes, you can. If you plan a visit outside office hours you should enter an access request or warn Security by telephone in advance (+31 20 592 6060) and state your name, company and (mobile) phone number. We further refer to the entrance protocol.

Q. An emergency visit cannot be planned! What do I do then?
To expedite a technician’s access, please call Security as soon as you know access is required. Security will notify Nikhef staff, if needed.

Q. Is there a resilient power system at Nikhef’s housing location?
Yes, we have redundant UPS backup and diesel generators, which take over power supply to the housing room for at least 48 hours at full demand. Furthermore, a rack position has at least two separate 230V redundant electrical feeds.

Q. Power outage in rack, what do I do?
Please contact support +31 20 592 5111. Outside office hours your call will be forwarded through to Security, they will contact an engineer to assist you.

Q. What is included in Nikhef’s rental fee?
The rental fee includes services that are usually not part of the fee at other sites. Nikhef does not charge installation costs. The fee includes practical ‘remote’ support from Nikhef staff on request like the installation of new router boards, checking and repairing connections, rebooting equipment, etc.

Q. Can I use my mobile phone inside the housing location?

Q. What about wireless network connectivity inside the housing location?
Wireless connectivity is available for guest users, password is provided on site.

Q. Can Nikhef arrange out of band services?
No, we don’t provide out of band service. You can contact KPN for this service.

Q. Does Nikhef provide 24/7 ‘hands and feet’ services?
No, Nikhef’s service organization does not have the capacity to offer this service on a regular basis. In exceptional cases Nikhef is prepared to carry out an activity for customers outside office hours, but only if it can be planned well in advance. The request will be judged and decided upon by the location manager.

Q. Which telecom operators are present at your location?
Many! Please see the carriers page and our customer base.

Q. I want to discontinue my AMS-IX connection. What do I have to do?
You have to give notice to the AMS-IX association you want to terminate your membership. If you want to give up your rack space at Nikhef too, please take into account we formally require such a notification six months in advance!

Q. I want contact information on my rack sign board. What do I have to do?
Please contact, they will print your contact details on the sign board.

Q. I cannot find the answers to my questions in this FAQ. What to do?
Please contact Nikhef staff at

Q. Can I access the racks of other customers?
Access is only allowed with a LOA from the customer(s) concerned.