Housing at Nikhef


Nikhef is an institute for fundamental research in the field of subatomic physics. As a non-profit, neutral and independent organisation Nikhef has a long tradition in the development of the internet. Nikhef remains committed to playing a role in improving the infrastructure of the internet.

Since 1996 Nikhef, together with Vancis (SARA), has served as housing partner for the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and its members. Nowadays more than 500 members connect to the AMS-IX at Nikhef, generating a substantial part of the total AMS-IX public peering traffic.

Nikhef houses other internet exchanges as well (e.g. NL-IX, NDIX). Various essential internet services are also located at Nikhef: an F-root server from ISC and several country code TLD servers.

This site provides practical information on our facilities, current client base, fees and contracts.